Thursday, May 13, 2010

Amazed and Confused

I have no picture for todays blog because my pc with all my pictures has been moved to my husbands desk and it is not connected to the internet, because I have no idea how to do that. Therefore I must do my blog on my laptop which is connected to the internet because my brillant 19 year old son did that for me months ago. BUT at this time my laptop does not have my Kodak Easy Share software loaded on it thus no pictures.
Because, after all, the laptop was suppossed to stay upstairs in my library and only be used to write my book.

Why, you might ask did I move my pc to Keiths desk in the first place ? Well, it was doing all that dramatic moaning and groaning, pre-crash noises (it is 6 years old you know) and I needed to make room on MY desk for the brand new pc we bought over 3 months ago but were too busy to install.

So last night I finally started to install the new pc. Really how hard could it be?  You just match up the blue cord to the blue port etc..right ? But the keyboard would not work, then I got the keyboard to work but not the mouse. Then the dang thing would not turn off. I struggled for two hours, sprayed it with PAM , set it aflame and went to bed. This morning I called Dell and bonded with a man named Emene whom I could not understand who (whom ? what ?!)  could not understand me.

Over the course of the next hour and 1/2 he said something about my mother which ticked me off. Turned out it was my motherboard he was unhappy with. A technician of some sort is going to show up sometime and do something to my new computer so it might work. When we were all done my good frined Emene asked me why I had only bought a one year warranty instead of the five year warranty. I told him it was because I was already 96 and didn't plan on being here in five years. He did not laugh

Lighten up Emene.


  1. LOL That is the way I feel about most thing mechanical/technical. Perhaps Brian can give you some pointers when you are here. He is hamdy with computers and such.

  2. Ah computers.. I haven't tried spraying them with Pam tho. It's an idea!