Friday, May 21, 2010

Date Day

Most couples go to dinner and a movie when they go out for a date. Keith and I make a 9 hour round trip/road trip  to Indiana to buy a hay rake. was time away from the farm (sort of, we brought our notebooks and datebooks and did a lot of planning).

The best part of the day was Dot Jordans home cooked meal. We love visiting Kiss My Grass Farm ! Not just because of the food (homemade chicken pot pie, bread, apple pie and blueberry cobbler) but because of the company as well . Whenever we run across another set of Eeejits out there trying to make a living on a family farm, it makes us feel a little less crazy. Of course when you look at these hay rake loading pictures its obvious crazy is relative.

Thank you Dot and Brian for a great afternoon and for feeding us even though we were late. *#@! &! time zone changes

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