Sunday, May 2, 2010

The lights are on, but no one is home. YEAH !

Woke up. Got out of bed. Dragged a comb across my head. Then I realized the house was shhhhhhhh......QUIET !!!!!  I plodded down the stairs after my post night shift nap and still...nothing. Oh the usual guinea hens screaming because dog Freddie refuses to stop herding them, and a few roosters complaining about lack of access to the currently penned in chickens, and yeah somebodys donkey was braying like a drunk Mick staggering out of O'Laughlains in Ballyvaughan, but other than all that, it was quiet.

I was all alone dahlink and oh do I love that ! What to do first ??!?! Watch a a movie ? I did. The last third of Yours, Mine and Ours with Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda. So cute. They make the Dugger family look like amateurs. Then I checked email and sent off more pics of our For Sale Cows to a few more email requesters.Then I spent 20 or so minutes trying desperately to find my blog buddy Walter Jeffries. He was moving his blog a few days ago to Wordpress but those folks were no help. I suppose I could actually call Walter but that seems so weird since we only know each other in a blog sense.

Then I saw a butterfly outside. Wait, no, it was garbage our dog Fannie was throwing up in the air. Well not throwing up like an emesis, I mean tossing into the air after chewing into pieces. Sheeesh, you people are so literal.

Then I remembered I was alone again and not wanting to waste any more of that precious time I began to blog. I love blogging when I am alone. No one chatting with me about what has to be added to our massive daily schedule, no one reminding me about yet another paperwork deadline. (Finishing off the Organic Re-Certification paperwork for MOSA was a killer this past week), no one telling me I'd better call the locker plants to make sure all our meat would be ready for the 5 Chicago deliveries we have this next week. Oh wait, I was the one talking to ME about all those things. No wonder I can't focus. Not only do I have to deal with all my own voices in my head, I was talking with a friend of mine at work last night about the movie Sylbil and now I have all HER voices in my head. I can't remember the names of the two male split personalities she had of the 16 total. Anyone ? Beuhler ?

 Criminy. I just wasted all that time and now my family is home. Guess I won't train Nora the jump 6 foot fences or repaint the rusting "Truck Lettering "sign my father painted over 20 years ago. I 'll do that NEXT time I am all alone. Sure, I will.

Really, does anyone know where I can find Walter Jeffries ?!?!?


  1. *grin* I'm here. The move to WordPress is going hard. The problem is on the Blogger/Blogspot/Google end. The migration tool only brought over 430 or so (# changes time to time) of the comments from my old blog to the transitional blog so I'm working on getting that resolved. Meanwhile there's fencing, weaning, seeding, planting and such that is more interesting to do. Messing with the blog backend is not something I am enjoying right now. *sigh*



  2. Oh Walter,*grin back at ya* I am so relieved ! Carry on with your farm and family work. I can totally relate. Now if I could only learn a little patience.

  3. Good for you. I hope your next reprieve isn't too far into the future. By the way,I love that movie (Yours Mine and Ours). Right now I'm so envious of your quiet morning. I was able to spend a quiet 30 minutes as I snuck off to go do part of the livestock chores while our daughter was home but then it was home to feeding the kids and the 1 year old is crying on my lap fussy with a runny nose. My daughter now gone to work. Life doesn't give us those precious quiet moments often and maybe that's why they are so precious.