Monday, October 5, 2009

Yes, Deer.

October 5, 2009

On the way home from my Aunt Bernie's 91st birthday party, I spotted this deer out of the corner of my right eye. It was running parallel to our car on the other side of a windbreak of evergreen trees. I actually heard it breaking off the dried soybeans in that field before I saw it. Deer rarely are out and about alone so I slowed the car looking for its mate. There was none. Concerned this lone deer might double back in front of me and hoping to maybe get a picture, I stopped my car. The deer immediately stopped too , turned and looked directly at me. It did not move for several seconds while we just stared at it. It did not move when I rolled the window down. It did not move when I reached over Keith to get a good picture. However as soon as the photo shoot was over, he took off. Cooperative subject that one. (That's our barn in the upper left hand corner)

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  1. Very nice picture. Why does it have a green tail?