Friday, October 2, 2009

"He's not heavy, he's my porker"

October 2, 2009

Another successful trip to Chicago and Old Town Social Restaurant, where chef Jared Van Camp is making good use of our pastured all natural pork. The drive is 106 miles one way from our farm but that sure beats the average 1500 miles most food must travel that is served in restaurants. In addition only 5% of the restaurants in our country make an effort to prepare and serve locally grown food. Hats off to Jared as well as the many other chefs in the Chicago, Champaign and Bloomington area who have made it a priority to work with small sustainable farms like ours.

The kitchen at Old Town Social was a chefs dream (or at least a farmwife cooks dream.) All that stainless steel, counter space, organized work areas (oh how I love clipboards) and cool gadgets galore.

Jared makes sausage and other great morsels from our pigs. This is the special cooler where those items are stored. Who knew our humble little farm swine could rise to such heights ? We are so thankful for all these recent opportunities.

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