Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cross this Bridge at a Walk

October 15, 2009

Keith and I spent the last 2 days at the Covered Bridge Festival in Parke County Indiana. It was cold and rainy, gray and sad, but we had no chores to do so we were happy happy farmers on a break. (Again let me say, if you really want to get to know someone, go on a road trip with them. A person's driving technique will tell you everything you did and did not want to know about them ) And Keith, if you are reading this I really do love you.

Back to the years past when I have gone I spent too much time shopping and not enough time touring. This year Keith and I followed the Black Route and saw several covered bridges, The tourist traffic was almost nill due to bad weather so it was easy to park the car and walk across and under bridges to check out the awesome construction that has kept these bridges operational for over 100 years. Even more amazing is how solid they feel as you drive your car over them. ! We went to the 3 main towns, Rockville, Mansfield and Bridgeton but Rockville was our favorite. Most of the booths there are folks with handmade goods and freshly made food. The key site to see in Bridgeton is the mill where flour and cornmeal are made the same way it was in the late 1890's.

We finished our trip with a side pass through Billie Creek Village. an entire little town set up as it was in civil war times. Old churches, general stores, print shop , horse drawn carts, and ice cream shop with homemade blueberry cobbler. We bought a huge bag of kettle corn from a towns woman in a long skirt. We ate all of it on the way home and made ourselves sick. Always a sign of a good road trip.


  1. I took a few minutes to read some of your blog and it is cool and fun to read!! Just the way I like it. Thank you so much for the encouraging words you posted on my new blog. It's kind of scary to put it all out there on the web, but oh so fun to do.

    I have question--where did you get your "copyright" box that you have on your page? I have thought about doing something like that, but I am pretty clueless still.


  2. Laura, thanks for your kind words.As far as the copyright stuff goes...I went to the "dashboard" part of my blog, then clicked on "layout" then "add a gadget" then "text" and just typed in what I wanted to say about copyright. And you have my permission to copy my copyright.

    I am no blogging expert and spend lots of time writing and rewriting.Parting because I have control issues and mostly because I can't remember how I made something work the last time. Good luck and have fun !