Friday, October 9, 2009

The mind is a terrible thing to...lose.

October 10, 2009

In the last 3 weeks I have lost my car keys, my debit card, my WHOLE ENTIRE PURSE and one other thing I can't seem to remember but I know it was really important. Empathetic friends and family have pointed out the increased stress in my life related to additional farm work, increased needs of my elderly aunt and wedding plans of our youngest son. Having always felt that "stress" is just a poor excuse for one not being organized, I have pridefully argued against the possibility that I could possibly be stressed or that the life I have chosen might be a little much for me and that God forbid (!) I might actually ask for a little help. Instead, like so many other goofball midlifefarmwives (as well as non midlife, non farm wives and just plain ol' women) I load myself up with self-important duties and responsibilities and then after weeks of piling on the crud I then EXPLODE in anger, frustration, fatigue and oh yeah, memory loss.

So, I swallowed (some of) my pride and "allowed" my sister to look for the debit card. She found it immediately in my car where I had of course already looked several times. Then I asked my husband to help me look for my purse even though I didn't know what the point of that was as I already looked "everywhere". He found it outside next to our fire ring. What was I thinking ? I haven't kept kindling in my purse since 1974. Back then you never knew when you might have to start a camp fire, on the side of the road, to get some truckers attention. Aaaaanyway...the car keys have not at this point been found and neither was that other thing I lost.

Research ( states this kind of memory loss is expected after age 50 and clarifies it is one thing to lose your car keys and another thing all together to forget you've ever driven a car. So children of mine YOU STOP LAUGHING AT ME ! Your day will come and I fully intend to be around to mock each of you, because that is the kind of caring, loving, mother I am.

To console myself I went to my favorite therapist Professor Ebay, and purchased the Easy 2 Find Kit. Consisting of one transmitter and 4 receivers , I attached the said receivers to things of importance: purse, camera, checkbook and some other thing I can't recall. When you press the blue dot on the transmitter, the item with the blue receiver beeps. So cool. (Yes, as a matter of fact I did have to write down what color went to which item and your point is ?) My husband suggested I might want to attach a receiver to my own head. That's so funny I forgot to...forgot to...oh %$!#!* how does that go again ?

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  1. I bought one of those for my daughter. She lost the transmitter! I don't make fun of her tho, because if she catches me she says I will be getting the "skritchy' diapers - not the good kind. I think I will stock up with the good kind just in case!