Tuesday, October 6, 2009


October 6, 2009

My sister Mary forwards me some article from some paper about some folks growing some food for some restaurant. (What can I say, I don't retain information like I used to.) Yet, I read the article, which peaked my interest, contacted "some folks", who turned out to be interested in what we were doing on our farm, and next thing I know four very famous people are in our dining room drinking coffee and eating my pumpkin cake. Ok, not household names yet, but they will be, mark my words. Right now, with a highlighter, right here on your monitor screen.

The group (from left to right above) was Stu Hummel, Ken Myszka, Nanam Yoon Myszka, and Mike Mustard of Epiphany Farms Enterprise and their story was told in the Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois) last week. I'll just water down their vision and energy if I try to retell the story here so best to go directly to their web site at http://www.epiphanyfarms.com/

Our meeting today was one of those "What do you do ? What do we do ? How can we help each other ? meetings that are the scones and butter of sustainable farmers. We all have this common desire to make the best of the land, the animals, the produce we've taken responsibility for , leaving something even better and more viable in its place. And oh yeah...none of us would mind making a decent living at it either. Keith and I learned much more about the restaurant business and hopefully our new friends learned a little bit about organic dairy farms. It was a great way to spend a cool rainy day, asking questions, exploring options, trading resources and soaking up the excitement of four obviously hard working, forward thinking, coffee slugging entrepreneurs. AND I also learned a pigs bladder is an excellent receptacle for steaming a Guinea hen. Just one more thing to add to my own personal Bucket List.


  1. WOW!That is so cool. And to think I brought you all together for the first blind date!

  2. It was such a great experience for us! We already made butter out of your milk...:) Thank you very much for having us at your farm and your warm hospitality! and nice pictures!!!!