Tuesday, September 22, 2009

One Bride for One Brother

September 22, 2009

The wedding of our youngest son Kyle went off without a hitch, well I guess Amanda and Kyle got hitched but other than that...Here are some highlights

Kyle and Amanda just seconds after becoming man and wife. Yes, they are young but their commitment to each other is strong. We parents were very proud that day. The Minister Nick performed a simple but very meaningful ceremony.

Just before cutting the cake. Check out that cake topper ! Way classier than the Mr and Mrs Potato Heads I had on my cake.

The wedding party from the left, Jessica (sister of bride), Jenna and Sam (friends of bride), Amanda (beautiful bride), Kyle (handsome groom), Colton (brother of groom), Jason (brother of groom), Isaac (cousin of groom). Flower girls are Allana and Nicole (nieces of groom). Wesley the ring bearer grew tired of picture taking and was last seen driving Kyles car to the park.

Here I am the, Midlife Farmwife with my "Patience of a Saint" daughter Raven who had THREE little kids to keep dressed, keep clean and keep interested in all the wedding activities.

Nicole and Allana trying once again to contain the little brother Wesley who was unimpressed with his mini-tux. The suit was WAAAAY to big and was held together with safety pins, sticky tape and gorilla glue (What else would you use to hold a monkey suit together ?)

Me and my "seesters" . From left, Mary, me, Peg and Teresa. My brother Tom and brother in law Dave giving his opinion of the cake.

Our oldest son Colton and our First daughter-in-law Tab. Married 7 years this month, Colton has a birthday Sept. 27 and Wesleys birthday (age 2) was the day of the wedding. So many blessings in one month !

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