Thursday, September 17, 2009

Camera which vexes me

September 17, 2009

Last year on our family's hay rack ride, I spilled some hot chocolate on my camera. I wiped it off immediately with a diaper wipe, then my hay caked shirt and then some ones old jacket but some reason it just has not worked well since. Sometimes the lens shutters open right away, other times not at all. Sometimes it opens half way. Sometimes I notice it and open the shutters with my fingers while other times I am oblivious until I download the photos to my pc and get a lot a pics with dark bars over them. What's that ? Get a new camera you say ? Seems extreme when all I have to do is spend a little extra time retaking pics, editing pics, aborting a perfect shot in order to check the shutters. And if I did all that I might miss a shot like this one where the half opened shutter makes the photo that much better.

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