Friday, September 18, 2009

Child O' Mine

September 18, 2009

Tomorrow our youngest child, son number three, Kyle, AKA "Kilalan" ,is getting married. When Kyle was 3, his 5 year old brother Jason would slur Kyle's first and middle name together. So instead of Kyle Alan, he would call him "Kilalan" One of those nicknames that stuck over the years.

So here we are many years later and Kyle has grown up and is making a wonderful young woman, Amanda, his wife. They have their whole future in front of them. Not so long ago Kyle was quite unsure of what he wanted to do and how he wanted to do it. The road in front (and behind) him seemed overwhelming.

His climb towards independence was on the slippery side and he felt he wasn't getting anywhere very fast BUT he persevered .

He would slip and loose patience and he had to try a different route than what he originally planned..

But he found his direction and his partner to help him
the rest of the way. We're proud of you son and love you very much. Now onto the wedding and lots of DANCING !!!!!


  1. Congrats to all. Neat how life unfolds. I love the pic of the road. I just got back from a 5000 k trip and wished I would have taken one like it.

  2. The road Kyle is on runs right in front of our farm. It was paved just a couple of years ago but still receives little traffic. So little in fact it is the last in our county to be plowed after a snow storm.