Friday, November 15, 2013

Reality TV Comes to Chatsworth

So, here's another small tidbit about the TV Crew who came to visit us 4 days ago. They were from the Steve Harvey show out of Chicago and they had lots of cool equipment. Like lights, and cameras. We the farmers along with a young woman from New York...provided the intense, next Academy Award Worthy...action.

They had contacted us just a couple days before their arrival telling us very little about their plans other than they needed a pig farm. Seems they had called one other farm first (Don't you love being SECOND choice?) and that fellow, having no idea who Steve Harvey was...and suspicious of a scam, said No.

But me? Well I didn't know exactly who Mr. Harvey was either but while talking on the phone to Scott the Scout I was able to do a quick Google search. And HEY! That Harvey fellow looked familiar. Thus when Scott said to me "Do you know who Steve Harvey is? I could honestly say YES. (As of 10 seconds ago I do)

They did not tell us the theme of the show and because it has not yet aired I cannot tell you even now, but they said I could share some photos. Here is one. Two TV guys in the pen with Mad Max who refused to let us powder his nose before filming.

And another. This is the producer Jaque or was it Jock ? Shock? I should've have clarified.
Anyway he liked our turkey Banana. She however was put off by his sunglasses, later telling me
how difficult it is to trust a human who wears sunglasses on a cloudy day.
Now this is the crew interviewing Banana about her feelings  regarding the manner
 in which Jacque? Jock? Shock? was holding her.

While the man whose name I cannot get correct texts his mother about his day on the farm, another crew member demonstrates a gentler, more supportive way to hold Banana. You can tell by the expression on her face that she feels more secure. No sunglasses, I suppose.

Apparently there are not many turkeys in Chicago readily available for cuddling

Meanwhile back at the ranch, some filming of a girl took place. And that is all I can tell you about HER...just yet.

Here is absolute PROOF we had a real live TV Camera crew on our farm. See that? It's a box full of important TV crew equipment. How many of you have ever seen THAT before? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Now here in the next shot,  is what we in the business like to call an OTF.
An OTF means "On the Fly" and refers to taking an actress or actor or turkey off to the side and getting a quick opinion or two on that which is happening. Oh sure it looks easy but to do an OTF one has to be very good at coming up with in depth questions while the "answeree" must be able to think fast on their feet. No script, just fly by the seat of your pants brilliance. And when you do it well, the director/producer/ red hatted guy with the big microphone will say "That's solid"

Like once when I had to talk about how farming is hard work and it only took one take, I was told...and I quote..."That was solid Donna."  I knew then I'd wasted my life in my nursing career followed by my farming career. I was meant to be Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Seattle all along because, did you not pay attention? I am solid.

(one more off handed crack about my weight and you people are banned from my blog.)

After filming outside for hours and hours (this is fact) we came inside to wind down . See the guy in the black hat with his hand outstretched? He's demonstrating the approximate size of my Emmy Award (Best fem fetale  farmer in a TV talk show)

Oh sure, Keith had his roles, his own lines. In fact he was on camera far more than I was but I cannot tell you any more than that. He's kinda the real star. But in what still a secret until the show airs.
Don't worry, you'll be the first to know. Right after we tell Banana.


  1. It's so good to hear that you are continuing on with all your great adventures! Sounds like you both had a blast!

    1. Hey, I just said that in my comment above. Is there an echo in here? (Good to hear from you Deb, hope all is well)

  2. Whoo hoo! I KNEW you were going to be a superstar!!

    1. I always said when they do my life story I wanted Kathy Bates to be me, but she's been looking rough lately so now I chose Adele.

  3. Well done, Oh Solid One! As I always say, Solid one day, Super-stardom the next!

  4. Does this mean your signature pork is going up in price? " Cuz, you will be autographing the pork chops?"

  5. Not by much Art. Just to $ 49.99 a pound and for each 100 pounds purchased you get an autographed pic of Banana the turkey, plus a two week vacation here (free) on the farm working for us. Cool huh?

  6. Wow, farmer, actress, raw milk activist. I expect you'll be leaping tall buildings in a single bound next. Solid.

  7. You definitely need your own reality TV show to star in! I love your humorous take on life! And I LOOVE Mad Max! Maybe you could even get Mel Gibson to come visit him! Now that would be worth some live action shots! ;)