Saturday, November 9, 2013

I Spy With My Little High

Not an official contest, just one for fun, to provide a bit of entertainment to all of you at home watching worthless TV in between stalking blogs.

So tell me, how many peacocks and peahens do you see up high in our machine shed rafters?

Submit your answers wherever you wish, Via a comment, my facebook page, a  long personal letter scented with wild flowers of your homeland. It doesn't matter. The only reason to play this game is personal satisfaction and the knowledge that you, after all these years, can still count.
Scroll down for the correct number. Cheaters will be automatically electrocuted. I wired your computer for a few jolts while you weren't looking.
The winning number is...10. The dark mark on the hay bale lower left is a rooster, NOT a peafowl.


  1. We used to have a pair that roosted in the big trees. I'd love a pair of white ones!!!

    1. You come and I'll help you hide a pair in your suitcase. Chicago customs could use a little fun

  2. Hmmm, now I am afraid to count!

  3. That's a little tricky having a dark blob of rooster in there...reminds me of Walter's I spy the other day with spotted pigs mixed in with spotted rocks, but yes, I got 11, till I read about the rooster. They are certainly up high...our guineas used to do that. And sorry, no cable, from choice - so no TV, but guilty on the blog my defence, I'm cooking a ham, right now, so I'm busy, right?

  4. You are busy. I can smell how busy all the way over here

  5. I counted nine, missing one of the white ones. Are all the white ones peahens? Oh, and no TV here, either, as i don't get any reception without cable. But i do surf da Net, so i still stare at a screen a lot...