Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Midlife Farmwife Gets Grateful

I'll be too busy tomorrow shoveling food into my trap to even think about blogging for you people so instead this the turkey is swimming in a brine of sea salt, brown sugar and Rosemary and the Italian sausage is simmering (For stuffing of course) I will entertain you with an essay. It is titled

Why I am grateful this Thanksgiving.

1. I am thankful that my son and his wife (one of two grammar Nazi's in the family) is out of state this year. That way it is less likely she will read my blog and correct my poorly written title.

2. Because I did not gain any more weight this year than last year. And because I stopped weighing myself in 2009, it might even be true.

3. For the reason of the farm isn't sold yet so I still don't have to start packing.

4. Due to the red splotches on my arms are slow growing meaning probably not cancer, most likely just ringworm. Yes, you heard me right. I am grateful for ringworm.

5. I am grateful this Turkey day because I am not a turkey, relatively speaking.

6. Therefore for the reason being I have still not finished my novel and thus do not have an editor or an agent or a publisher or a contract.

7. Number 6 continued...thus I am not yet famous and don't have to travel all over the world talking about my novel in quaint little book stores while drinking espresso in a French Villa. What a pain that would be, N'est pa?

8. Mainly because we still sell enough stuff out of our farm store to pay the mortgage which is really good since my sisters and my children do love me but not enough to really have me live with them.

9 Heretofore as I am still healthy enough to walk around on my own, a good thing since rolling me from room to room would be very time consuming.


10. Because tomorrow I get to spend the day with my children and their mates, (minus the one and his lovely wife, who is visiting his father in SD which is OK I suppose since I think he was here the last 5 Turkey days at least) my grandchildren, my sisters and their families, my brother and his wife, and my dear husband when they all invade my house refusing to leave the kitchen even though there is more than enough room in the rest of the stinkin' house.

Thank you God for all of THAT!!!


  1. And amen from over here! (we, of course, have to wait till Dec 25th for Turkey Day).

    1. You have no idea how easy that makes your life Cro. Every year I worry. Do I make turkey for both days or just Thanksgiving? Ham on Christmas or just soup? I'm telling you. Life in America is one big burden

  2. And I am thankful for wonderful people like you......even if you are a bit on the twisted side. :)
    Happy Thanksgiving to you & Yours!

  3. Hope you had a great Turkey Day, Mrs. Farmwife! We're all grateful for you. And about that ringworm, try some Apple Cider Vinegar. Rub in on several times a day with a Q-tip. A little tip from one ringworm experienced farmwife to another:)

    1. Apple Cider Vinegar? Great Idea. I use it for lots of other things. I'll give it a try!