Sunday, September 15, 2013

Saponification Sunday...Silk. Real or Hype?

Indigo Soap made with Coconut , Sweet Almond, Castor and Olive Oils
plus a big pinch of real silk. Will it matter at all?

I'm playing with the addition of silk to my soaps. Not entirely new for me but certainly I've not done enough soaps with silk as a key component to really say that I know for sure that it makes a difference.

So this last week I made several batches where the only difference in the recipe was the silk I added. As those bars are all now curing, it's too soon to share results but next week I will.


  1. I have used Tussah Silk in some soap and, to be completely honest, can't tell the difference between the bars with it and the bars without it.
    As a soap maker and business owner, it sounds cool to say there is silk in people's soap, but I always stay on the side of adding other ingredients I KNOW make a difference and touting those!
    I'll be interested in what you think!

  2. LOOOVE the indigo colour you got... just beautiful! I agree with Lindsey above. I have used silk in soap before and although it sounds cool, I haven't really noticed teh difference other than it may even cut down a little on suds?? Let us know what you think when you try your silk soaps! xo Jen

  3. Ahh! I am so glad you brought this subject up! I tried liquid silk, but did not know what I was suppose to look far as it making a difference in my soaps, so I did not find any. I thought maybe I should try the Tussah Silk, like Jennifer and Lindsey, but I think I will wait to hear your results. I does sound like an extra added, cool ingredient regardless! lol

  4. I have used Tussah Silk for years and do believe it makes a difference in quality of lather. I'll be curious to see what you feel the results are.

  5. WOW. Love the feedback from all of you. Been washing my hands like crazy the last few days with my silk soaps vs my non silk soaps. I'm one clean farmer that's for sure. Also going to do some tests on my hair to spice it up some more. Be sure to come back next Sunday for my highly scientific research.