Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Blues , The Irish do it Best

A few years ago while in Ireland I traveled to Galway to visit one of their antique shops. I had read an article about the shoppe, had called the owner on Saturday to confirm the following Monday hours, gathered my maps, filled my rental with petrol and set off.

On arrival I was quite ticked to find a sign taped to the door of the shoppe which read. "Got the Monday Blues, I'll be in tomorrow"

Today, I know the feeling. See this wonderful bistro like table on our front porch? The one covered with a cutesy sunflower table covering? The one with cheerful fake sunflowers jammed in its middle and real sunflowers thriving just in front of the porch?

Yeah, that's the one. I was going to sit out there every morning this summer and drink my coffee. Then it was going to be every weekend. At least every Sunday. I even strung up several wind chimes to make it a bit more inviting and to remind me of the promise I made myself.

I believe I have sat at that table twice all year.

And thinking of that gave me the Monday Blues. Summer is technically over since the kids are back at school and never mind it was 93 today. The grass is crackly, the garden is toast, the flowers are shriveling up  and I choose to spend the majority of my day in front of the computer solidifying my relationship with Quicken, entering dull data.

Yeah, I have the Monday Blues. And there is no guarantee I'll be in tomorrow


  1. Mañana-ism is alive and well, and living in Ireland!

    I'm pleased to say that breakfast, lunch, and dinner, are all eaten outside here. Not for too much longer I fear, but we'll hang-on as long as possible.

  2. Cro. Once again you are my hero. Tonight I will grab my hubbie and insist we eat the good Magnons do.

  3. I've threatened to have my own calendar made up that labels every day of the week a "Monday" but then I realized I just needed to take a time out. Responsibility is an important trait but it can't be appreciated without a little irresponsibility. Sometimes you just have to shake your head, blink twice to scatter the dust and get up and grab that cup of coffee on the way out to that spot with the shade and flowers and trees and chimes and wind to cool the warm day. We all have those spots but we forget about them when we are overdosing on reality. Or, perhaps that computer is just a long, drawn-out dream and you wake up to that cup of coffee in your hands and the rusty caws of the crows in the yard.

  4. Summer for me is not over until the first day of autumn, 22 September, so tht gives you one more Monday to sit there and enjoy summer.

    I'm still carrying my white purse and shall change over on the evening of the 22nd.

    I had plans to wear shorts for that long, too, but when i woke up on the 9th and found the temperature at 41°F, i reluctantly put on a pair of jeans.