Friday, September 6, 2013

Old wood New Hogcienda

Sitting at my computer working extremely hard (Actually looking at the beautiful tops on Soft Surroundings , (which by the way the one that pops up on this link would be perfect in a 1x for those kids of mine doing some early Christmas shopping, I'm just saying) when I hear the most horrific sound.

Like a thousand giant fingernails scraping against the biggest blackboard ever built. I rush to the window (more like slowly turn away from that luscious silk tunic in blue) and see our hired hand running down Keith with the tractor!!!

I rush to the window for a closer look (turn slowly in my chair  wondering if I could get away with ordering that top in an XL instead of 1X since I have lost a few ounces over the summer or maybe just order THIS BEAUTY instead) when I realize there is no harm intended , just a hog hutch being dragged across the noisy gravel on wooden skids. You would think they could have just carried it across the drive but Noooooooo, they had to make noise being men and all.
Yes, the hog hutch Keith and Aaron started last week is done. Made with 100% recycled materials it is a beauty. Plenty of room for mama sow to move around while in labor and more than enough for the birthing process. Heck, paint the inside a cobalt blue, run an extension cord to a mini-frig filled with Diet coke, raw milk,  and I'm using it for a writing studio.
An abode Pa Ingalls would've happily moved his Little House Family into.


Well designed for cross  breezes and light without direct heat of the sun.
The wood came from an old chicken cage, our old porch and deck and parts of a pig hutch destroyed in the lust of Boar love earlier this summer. The beams may have come from our basement but who cares? The place is for sale anyway.

The doorway may look narrow but trust me, it will work. Keith had me walk through it several times with some ruse about losing a tool in there and would I please look for it? Yeah, width check completed.
Seriously, I think it's wonderful. Problem is there are TWO sows due to farrow next. Mrs Dalloway and Leopard are both scheduled to drop their litters Oct 26th. How will we decide who gets to use the newest Hogcienda? Any ideas?


  1. Have them scanned; whichever gal will produce the most piglets gets the new hotel suite.

  2. Brilliant Cro! The best producer gets the 5 star hotel, the other gets the roadside Motel.

  3. Nice --- sturdy enough to endure a dragging! :-)

    Flip a coin?


  4. Lana. It is indeed sturdy which it needs to be as those sows can be rough on their abodes weighing in at 400-500 pounds!

    And the coin flip idea? Like it.

  5. Ask each to choose a number between 1 and 10. closest wins.

  6. Definitely the second top. Beautiful!

  7. Definitely time for an essay contest. Bonus points for spelling, punctuation and neat work.

  8. Have a hoof race? Flip a coin?

    Are they red wattles? Did I write that correctly?

  9. Dear dindin, Anne, Kris and Susan
    Love all the suggestions so have combined them. The mama hog who will get to use the new hutch will have to be able to count to ten, write a short story about her amazing farmers appropriate for publication while step dancing to authentic Irish tunes. Yes, I will videotape the contest. The step dancing may be modified in order to protect the wee unborn ones.