Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Price Reduction...Motivated Sellers

South Pork Ranch as the sun sets...August 2013

Please note. "Motivated" does not mean "desperate." It just means...motivated. Since our very- close to- buying, fellow decided NO GO  a couple of weeks ago we've once again changed our direction. Frustrated with our experience of two realtors who worked very little and one round with For Sale By Owner we told each other,

"After this round, we're taking it off the market". Then in a fluke of late night web searching I found the 7 perfect acres just 20 miles from us. Our new home a stone throws away. We saw, we offered, we were accepted, we went through several rounds of paper signing, contract addendums and addendums to the addendums (the property had been in foreclosure and the bank holding it was a stickler on paperwork) we are now set to close in a couple weeks.

So, since we have the land we wanted, in the area we wanted, why not keep the farm up for sale but this time pull out all the stops?

And so we are. First off, we dropped the asking price nearly $50,000 from $398,000 down to $349,999.  We were only going to use that other $50,000 for frivolous things like walls in the new place anyway. We reactivated our For Sale By Owner Listing and we are now upgrading to a National MLS listing and listing for a mere additional $300. This of course means even MORE paperwork filling in all the forms normally a realtor would do for a 6% commission. Makes sense for me to take this on, as I work cheap.

Like a big hairy monkey just give me a huge bowl of buttered and densely salted popcorn at the end of the day and I'm happy. We'll keep that 6% and use it for a new wood cook stove  on the new farm. Thank you very much. This is the model I have my heart set on. The Vermont Bun Baker

In the meantime, back at the (South Pork) Ranch, Yard work is being done, farm buildings are being cleaned (again)  and the inside of the 115 year old farmhouse is being ripped through unceremoniously. Pretty much no one leaves the house without taking a piece or six of furniture with them. Room by room I am de-cluttering SERIOUSLY.  In addition we will soon be purchasing a large steel shipping container and planting it on the new property. We will fill it with all the building materials, recyclables we've been hoarding for years.

Next spring we will begin work on our new home. Our new tiny earth berm home. Somewhere around 900 square feet. Less, if I can get Keith to agree. If we have not sold this place by then "work" may consist of minor land prep. If we have sold then foundations will be poured and walls will go up.

In the meantime, listing descriptions for our current farm have been rewritten and family and friends have been asked to re list on their Facebooks and blogs. Which brings means to you! If you have a blog or a Facebook page, could you, would you, please share our Organic Farm Business and Home For Sale  listing? I'll only ask this one time. Don't want to abuse our Blog friendship. Really, I don't.

Many thanks


  1. You're a great big inspiration in more ways than one, Mrs. Farmwife. Like you, we've recently listed the farm and just closed on a teeny, tiny property with a lake view. Looking forward to no chores, no big mortgage, and no chasing steers through the soybean field.

    Good luck with selling the farm! Have you tried this site yet?

    We've gotten some serious lookers after listing with them. No money yet, but at least it's exciting to hope that somebody might actually buy your farm.

  2. Nice listing, and it is half as old as our place so the construction should be good. I hope you have better luck, someone will surely want such a good looking place.

  3. I clicked on the link, just to take a peek. The slide show works fine, but the captions didn't match up with the photos. I just wanted to point that out, as some of them seems funny (describing the kitchen and seeing the mama red wattle with her piglets, for instance).

  4. Yes, I agree with Megan; the pictures/captions are a bit out of sync. But the rest looks very 'COME AND BUY ME'.

  5. I wish I could help but I don't know anyone here in little olde England wanting to buy South Pork Ranch in the USA.

    My very best wishes as always.

  6. I wish you the best in this new listing, things are changing and people are buying again, so hopefully this time a sale will go through!