Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Secret Garden 2013

If you've been following my blog for over a year, you know about the Secret Garden which was created by myself, my husband and friend Jay in 2012. I was originally inspired by Sharon Lovejoy  and her amazing gardens and artwork. After we finished my own space last year, Pics were shared  some perhaps were even liked.

Well, it's that time of year again.

In fact, I meant to show you some at the beginning of summer 2013 but no idea which folder on my pc they are located.

Nothing shows up in my search for "Manila"

So you get current Secret Garden as pictures were just taken a few days ago. It is my very happiest place to be on our farm, and I usually treat myself to a bit of time there with coffee in the early morning while it's still shady.

You might recall that the space is long and narrow, the exact opposite of its owner. It is also cheerful and colorful where I can be melancholy and often black and white. It is filled with rusty metal (ditto) and cracked brick (ditto again, unless that is too redundant for you)

Enough. Can we just get on with the pictures? Absolutely

Looking to the back of the garden and
 my morning coffee chair

Two varieties of Morning Glories planted this year.
The blue eggs are as fake as those of 2012

The Faerie Garden is brand new and created by the GK's
The are planning at least two more additions

The bike was relocated this year from another spot on the farm .Flower Basket
canvas lined with heavy canvas

Rusty metal chair came from my mother-in-law
Gladiolas coming up in front of it

Literally, for many years I have planted Shasta daisies on this farm and they never came back
This year in the Secret Garden they came back and thrived
I think the dead cow skull may have had something to do with it

This cool metal table is 17 years old. Welded for me by (then)
teenage son Colton.  Corkscrew Curly perennial grass grows at its feet

Angels from birthdays past and a wooden mushroom from a neighbor

My sunflower wall on the left came out Taller than last year
And the frothy cosmos in front will sprout flowers soon


  1. I LOVE your Secret Garden! One day I'd like to have one....although I wonder how far back out in the Back 40 I have to put it in order for it to be truly secret.

    I also like the fact that it's narrow, you may feel limited, but I think it's a great way to use the space; you don't really need to see things through thick vegetation so you get a bunch of stuff crammed all into a beautiful walkway.

  2. Your secret garden is DEFINITELY inspiration for me. Like Carolyn above me said, with 10 acres for us, I'd have to put it somewhere far away to be a true secret, ha. Too much open space around the house. But I love the idea and concept of it. I might just explore some of the areas off the trails as I mow this weekend and think of where I might someday want my own secret garden! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. It's wonderful. Now is the time (maybe) to start moving the limits out a little each day. No-one would notice, and by this time next year you'd have about an acre of Secret Garden.

  4. What a superb little long and slender garden, i do love the path. With a life as busy as yours I am sure that you deeply appreciate your morning cuppa out there in the seclusion. I might have to think about making a secret garden of my own! Have a lovely day.. c

  5. Carolyn, my garden is just a couple hundred feet from the back yard and sandwiched between the house and our front horse pasture, but the tall sunflower and morning glory walls make it SEEM secret. Now just go build yours!

  6. !st man you are welcome. I get very inspired by the beautiful pics on your blog so thanks so much for dropping by!

  7. Cro, I have begun that thought process! Last year was so sure if I did this Secret garden thing the farm would sell and along with it all my hard work.But so far no goal, so I might as well carry on (and out)

  8. You would think...thanks for the kind words. You must be new here?

  9. Lovely pics Donna, a real adventure to explore by the looks of it

  10. Oh Donna I can see how relaxing this would be in the morning drinking your coffee. Beautiful secret garden.

  11. A much loved special place, how lovely.