Thursday, July 11, 2013

Popcorn My Love

When I was a full blown child, me da would fill our tummies with two snacks. Either an entire loaf of white bread heavily drenched in cheap margarine (only the infamous Aunt Bernie could afford real butter in those 1970's days) or he'd make popcorn.

REAL popcorn popped in grease, often leftover sausage and bacon grease and covered with a pound or two of salt to kill whatever might have had the courage to grow in the old grease.

 We are all quite smitten with popcorn, my siblings and I. I have tried to instill this 'value'in my own GK's and they love the tradition of popcorn as a meal so much they have dubbed it "P-P" night. Sounding like a body fluid it gives them the giggles. Every time.

Originally we had pizza too, just the reason for two "P's" but eventually it just became popcorn only. A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by The LA Shop who asked if I would review one of their products on my blog. They offered several quirky items and I of course chose...

Pikachu  does not come with the popcorn maker
but he does come with my granddaughter wherever  she goes I might add.

The popcorn maker.

Cute huh? All circus like it's made of sturdy plastic and it's bright colors keeps me from mixing it up with my Kitchen Aide Mixer. A good thing because I think soft chocolate chip cookie dough might not fair so well in the hot air popper.

Last time the GK's were here we fired up this puppy and reviewed it's performance. On scale of 1-10 meaning 1 is pure crud and #10 is Popcorn lovers delight.

Look ma! Virtually all the kernels popped.

Appearance.   10. Very charming. Eye catching. If it stops working I plan to turn it into a bedside light.

Size.     10  Small for some perhaps but perfect for me. Sits on counter without hogging it.

Sturdiness   8  Not bad for plastic. If made out of metal it would cost ( and weigh) a ton more. Should last an average family for while. My family maybe 6 months

Function.    10 plus WOW. This paper pops fast! And left only two uncooked kernels in the reservoir and it did not burn any kernels at all. And they popped full! None of that half popped junk. Of course I used Orville Redenbachers popcorn cause I'm a popcorn pro.   And with adult supervision  this is an appliance kids can use too.

Taste.    5 and 10  Hated it. Only because I don't like air popped popcorn. But my daughter does and she liked it and the GK's liked it and after I flooded it with real butter and some salt. I ate a bunch too.  So if you like air popped'll love it.

Price. 6  The company charges 49.99 which seems high for me. But what do I know? I make my popcorn in a decades old heavy metal canning pot Keith found in the junkyard for me. It sat in the barn two years  and then was used for a dog dish for a year before I realized how thick the metal was, how perfect it would be for popcorn and it is. I really have no idea what normal people would pay for a new, non-dog-used-appliance.

My bottom line. Very cute, very easy to use, very well performing. Very good hot air pop corn!


  1. Sunday nights supper ... popcorn. And if we were good and didn't spill in the living room, Pepsi (made with real sugar!)

    It was awesome .... but I can't get Honey to accept popcorn and pepsi for supper. :(

  2. For years I have made popcorn on the stove top in a heavy bottomed pan with oil and organic popping corn.
    THEN for Christmas I got this Waring popcorn popper which I think meshes air and oil popping together in perfect design - you put the oil and popcorn on a special pan, cover with the lid (which conveniently becomes a BOWL), push a button and it oil pops the corn to perfection.
    I love it. If I had a house fire I think I would definitely grab it second. Only preceded by grabbing my own child.

  3. What not everyone wants to make popcorn in the old dog bowl?

    Great job on the article in ALBC.

  4. Popcorn reminds me of smelly cinemas. I seem to remember it was always sweet; not my cup of tea!

  5. Being a popcorn purist at heart I have to agree with you that popcorn made in an old dog pan does taste much better than the new fangled air machines. Think I will go and make some...have to share with the dog.

  6. I'm with you, Donna, NOT an air popped popcorn fan. I don't like butter, but i do like salt on my popcorn, and it tastes better when there's some oil on it. I had an old West Bend popcorn popper my parents bought for me as a birthday gift in 1969 because i loved popcorn so much, and i think they were tired of buying JiffyPop. My beloved West Bend popper, which could also heat up Dinty Moore beef stew as i discovered when i was in college, kicked the bucket at the end of 2009. A trip to the local Goodwill later, i scored a West Bend "Stir Crazy" popcorn popper.

    An updated version of my 1969 design, where the heating element didn't automatically turn off after X minutes, but has a rotating arm that sweeps the kernels along so the popped ones don't burn.

    I found that by mixing coconut oil and butter (yes, i have crossed to the dark side, apparently), with about 3 part coconut oil to 1 part butter, then adding the popcorn, it tastes a lot like movie popcorn. Only it's not soggy the way it is when you drown it in butter.

    I paid $6.99 i think.

  7. Pikachu does not come with the popcorn maker ...

  8. Pikachu does not come with the popcorn maker ...