Monday, July 22, 2013

Raw Milk Monday

Please note: If you are new to my blog you can catch up on the reasons for my raw milk passion and the struggles our own farm have experienced, by reading any of the previous posts on the topic I have written over the last 3 years . To do so, simply enter "Raw Milk" in the search bar under the picture of our house, on the right.


In between IDPH meetings, I took time to chat with one of my favorite authors, free lance writer  and farmer, Terra Brockman recently. She is writing an article for a well-known Chicago publication about our raw milk hoopla here in the Land of Lincoln.

Because the article is not yet published I cannot tell you anymore about it but I can tell you I was happy to have been asked not only to provide my opinion (like THAT was hard) but also a relevant photograph of our farm.


Even more fun since I finally got a new camera, A Samsung MV900f with built-in WIFI. 5X zoom and 16 MP. Feisty red I might add. My older Nikon Coolpix point and shoot had bitten the dust (and a fair amount of manure) over the last three years and was in deep need of a replacement..........It literally screamed in pain each time I powered it up.


So a few raw milk pictures for your vote. Camera quality wise which one do you like most? (Please include all the pics in this post) Thanks and come back next Monday I'll have honest to-Goodness Raw Milk news then.


  1. I like the milk jar in grass with cow in background.

  2. Me too - milk jar in lush organic pasture in front of cows.

  3. I know that the jar with the cow in the background is beautiful but the shot of the healthy brightly dressed happy child drinking the milk straight from the jar SAYS something about the milk. This image tells a story, it says it all really. It is a very powerful image! If I wanted to create a stir with, or bring attention to, my article this is the one I would choose. You could also take it a step further and lower the jar, so we can see the big milk moustache above the smiling childs face.. see you thursday! c

  4. I like the one of your granddaughter drinking the giant glass of raw milk! There is a lot of politics and beauty in that one shot...

  5. Milk jar and cow is Number 1.
    Your granddaughter (?) drinking milk is Number 2.
    The milk and the house is Number 3.
    The other one is Number 4, mainly composition-wise.

    I really love the jar of milk and the cow!

  6. Quality-wise I think the first is the best, but the last photo has such an important message that I would choose it. The message? "This milk is so safe and nutritious that kids should drink it!"