Friday, July 5, 2013

Blogger Stalker

The way Fannie is posing with these visitors you would think
THEY were the ones who fed her everyday. Traitor.

Anyone who has blogged for awhile knows the thrill of having a bus load of  tourists pull up your drive, cameras around their necks, blue striped running shorts sliding off their hips, Old Navy canvas boat shoes on their feet,  disembark and swarm all over your property searching out the blogger of their dreams.

Hey, it could happen.

In the meantime, I have to settle for those who trickle onto the farm one at a time. Many are local but some travel a bit , say from Chicago, or Springfield or as in James case, from Afghanistan. He and I started yakking via email over 7 months ago. Seems the fellow had dreams of a homestead on his mind.

So, finally after arriving home and reconnecting with his family, he brought them all to South Pork Ranch to pick out a couple little stud muffins for his place, Harvesting Grace Farm. It's always fun trying to catch the little boogers and then get then in a lineup so the new owner can pick the best of the best.

Food works wonders.

I know you can count on me to line up straight for a good bowl of grub. So with four little boars to choose from and four folks trying to decide, it became clear that selection would be based on pure science.

"Lets take him", the young girl said pointing to the smallest piglet, "He's adorable"
"Lets, take the big guy, the one with the big chest." Suggested Dad
"Lets take the bossy one" said the teen son. Pointing to the one moving his siblings  around the pen with a horse whip.
"Lets just pick two and throw them in the crate, I'm tired and ready to go home" Mom was thinking...I could tell.

Soon enough it was Number 8 and number 11 who won the lottery. With a few squeals they were loaded up into the large dog carrier (One of the best ways to transport a piglet if you ask me. Letting them loose in your back seat...never a good idea, unless you don't mind shredded and defecated upon upholstery.

Just one of four eligible bachelors up for sale.
After a tour of the rest of our place and a practice round of "pig whispering" the hogs new owners  headed back to their own farm with dreams of breeding their already at home RW gilts to some new blood from South Pork Ranch. Just one step closer to getting the Red Wattles removed from the Critically Endangered List .

Young offspring of Mr and Mrs. C getting to know
 some of our tinier RW babies

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. C.!


  1. Great story of all the hard work you do and the global changes it has on the world.

  2. South Pork conquers the world. We've been thinking of having a couple of RW's ourselves (no, don't post them).

  3. Nice to see that the RW piglets are on their way to new adventures and expanding their empire. Go pigs go!

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