Saturday, June 29, 2013

Upside of Downsizing

Mad Max and girls enjoy greener pastures while we dream
of our own new day.

So the current status of South Pork Ranch is this...

Despite all our best attempts, we're still here. You might recall that not so long ago, about a year and 1/2 ago, we put the farm up for sale. Lock , STOCK, and barrel, which s not technically true because although the majority of livestock are included in the sale, my guns will  come with me.

We've shown the farm and the farm business to several individual parties and although they seemed very interested, none were interested enough to offer real money to us. So we've moved forward, onward and upward even though our goal has been for some time now to travel DOWNWARD.

With just one month left on our second Realtors contract (first we tried selling with one realtor, then by ourselves via For Sale By Owner, and then with a second realtor) we are once again faced with the decision of "Now What?"

So for your reading pleasure, here is just a snippet of alternative plans.

     1. Stay as we are. Working very long days amongst far too many farm revenue centers
         which provides us with adequate income but a slow, sure, death.
         (Raw milk, direct and retail beef sales, direct and retail pork sales, Red Wattle feeder sales
          Red Wattle Breeder sales, honey sales, soap sales, conference speakers, free-lance writers)

     2. Give it all to Charity and join a monastery ourselves, preferable one that grows all their own
        food and makes their own underwear.

     3. Pick just one of the revenue centers listed in number 1 and make it our sole source of income.
        Who says you can't put all your eggs (or pigs) in one basket?

     4. Re-list the House and 10 acres alone and sell off all the farm p and return to nursing in order
        to pay the mortgage and other utilities.

     5. Consider selling the House and 10 acres we own on Contract for Deed , hoping the tenants
        actually pay us their monthly amount due and selling off all the livestock etc and using that
        for seed money for our next tiny tiny farm.

      6. Follow number one but hire enough staff to make it workable, at least two full time folk
          so we can fret about having enough to pay them every month.

     7. Allow the bank to take it all back, file bankruptcy, go back to nursing, live in an apartment
         (Keep in mind this action would put Keith in the ground within 6 months)

    8. Sell all our belongings. Rent five acres from our friend LM, move our farm store to that property
        Making it our 200 square foot home, rent out our farm and land.

     9. Turn it all over to the bank. Climb in the truck. Resettle in Alaska

     10. Take a nap and make a decision on Monday

Ah yes, you are indeed brilliant. I choose number 10. Keith is spending the afternoon planning a get
rich quick scheme involving Peacock feathers. Don't ask.


  1. Betty at Through My Back Door has had her house for sale about the same lenght of time and same thing no one is buying.

    You left out another possibility ... go back to nursing (if you need benefits) hire 2 full time people to replace you. That way Keith can stay out of the grave and you will have an income that is consistant.

    Or give up on the raw milk which is what the government is hoping for and change direction, add sheep and sell lamb as well as pork. Or check your ethnic population, maybe add meat goats.

    Good luck hope you find a solution. I could never live in an apartment. Especially after being down on the farm. Too many people, too noisy, small noisy children not being watched by their parents, I can think of a whole list.

    Take care, enjoy what you have.

  2. Tombstone. Great advice. And our goal is to enjoy what we have instead of seeing all of it as CHORES instead of the lifestyle it started out to be. And I do keep my license current because it is literally "money in the bank" But I have become so angry with the way healthcare is moving in this country. Would be very hard to go back. We did raise goats for several years. Loved them but hard to keep corralled, in fact Keith owned a goat dairy in the 80's. I am very grateful that we do indeed have many many choices...just wish I could be more patient about the time it will take to be a smaller farm

  3. The Darlin' Man and I are going to move "Northward, Ho!", but alas, your farm, while in our general price range, is no where near where we want to live.
    We are heading to New Hampshire....growing Libertarian politics, good gun laws, no state income tax, no sales tax, closer to family.
    If you could kindly move your farm to western New Hampshire, along the Connecticut River, we would buy it!

  4. Go for No 10, then on Monday consider No 3.

    Like everyone, you probably need to find a less time consuming, but 'value adding' side to your business. Have you considered ham, bacon, etc? An interesting sweet brine, and a cold smoking house, could make your fortune. You also end-up with a stable, long-life, product. Just an idea; I was watching a TV programme about a UK farmer who did just that, and he couldn't supply the demand.

  5. I like number 10 too - in fact, I use that one a lot when trying to make decisions :)

    Seriously though, I hope that whatever the future holds for you, it all works out for the best xx

  6. Maybe, sell it all...pile into truck head to Alaska...get nursing job there...Keith can teach farm skills in Alaska....

  7. Yes....Irish farm person said just what I was going to xx

  8. You could also rent out your farm and land and you guys can rent another place with land for a couple years until the banks will let you BUY another farm (you have to have a renter in your original place for, like, 2 years or something in order to carry mortgages on two least around here!)
    But then I guess, you would have to go back to nursing and be your H's sugar momma....
    There are no simple solutions, huh.
    We have Farmlink around here that matches prospective farmer's with land owners. Too bad there's nothing like that around you!