Saturday, June 8, 2013

Planter Junque

I get a big kick out of antique shops who sell "vintage" farm items for hefty prices.

I got your vintage right here

Most of the year it looks like junk. Rusty, falling apart should be in the dumpster junk.

Then summer comes and I get tired of the eyesores and start planting.

By mid August I am tired of the watering and it all reverts back to cheap farm junk.

Just one more cycle here on the ranch.


  1. I'll take the bike; you keep the bath!

  2. I love your junque, I have a bathtub like yours, planted flowers in an old toilet, bathtub and took a bed frame and made a flower bed in petunias in quilt block planter, for my "Bed,Bath and Beyond Garden". But, when temps get to the 100's I too get tired of watering so it reverts to junk. Also tired of weeding out the bermuda grass from petunias.

  3. Looks great, fun and adds massive interest

  4. These are awesome!! I'm loving the bike. I might have to try something like this just to mess with the HOA.

  5. The bike is my favorite, wish I had one like it! Wonderful garden!