Saturday, June 1, 2013


Beginning of a
tree fort
End of a tree fort

There I was sitting upstairs minding my own business yesterday afternoon, trying once again to get some honest work done on my novel, you know, the one I started three ridiculous years ago when the power went out.

Looking out the window I noted an oddity. Trees blowing sideways. Hmmmm. We've had lots of rain the last few days, mant T-storms both day and night but this looked different. Rushing down the stairs and yelling for my husband and GK"s at the same time, we gathered at the bottom of the stairs and...hey, look at that...the furniture on our front porch was LEVITATING. Yup in mid air as things that LEVITATE have a tendency to do.

In my calmest and most in control voice I advised my family, basement, BASEMENT,

Mad Max's Hogcienda. But where is the roof?

And off we scurried through the dining room, the kitchen and down into the basement as winds of spooky force slammed against our farm. Rain poured and we could hear things rumbling about on the porches. Our 5 years old Grandson, maybe too smart for his own good asked with a shaky voice if it was an F-4 or an F-5

Oh, HERE it is!

Having no idea what was over our heads we of course lied and told him there was no tornado, just high winds and basements are just fun places to visit are they not? I further reassured him by reminding him we were underground and SAFE. He responded :if we are underground then why can I still see light through that window?" He pointed to the small basement window above our heads.

It was obvious at this point he needed to be blindfolded.

But before such drastic measures took place, the wind was gone. In its place, some destruction but not real devastation. After awhile we ventured into the yard, the air a full 20 degrees cooler, and assessed the storms damage.

Calf Hutch. Relocated and repositioned. No calves
were harmed in the storm experience
Gone was the tree house, one heavy picnic table (later found) the roof off of Boar Mad Max's Hogcienda, trees branches, two sections of fence and a pregnant sow's hutch. Concerned over the stress on her Keith quickly moved her into the barns box stall where she delivered 12 babies just a few hours later.

Good timing on her parts of those piglets would've flown into the next county. Yeah, I know...when pigs fly :)

GK Allana assists with picture taking of farm damage. The DS proves
it is good for more than just game playing.


  1. So glad everyone was okay! And that no major damages took place. Whew! Keep safe in this story season!

  2. Wow, that's frightening. Strong wind is the one thing I really fear, and no basement here. No doubt the piglets will all be named after well known hurricanes!

  3. Thank goodness everyone is ok & that the farm didn't sustain major damage.

  4. How frightening but you sure made me laugh with this post! I love how you described it. :) I'm happy you are all safe!

  5. Love the sense of urgency in your voice telling everyone to go to the basement. So glad you did not have any major damage, always wonder how people with livestock can prepare for such an emergency. Take care, hoping tornado season ends soon.

  6. Whoa Nelly! You are some kinda daredevil, Donna! You need to quit with these weather shenanigans! ;)

    Well, all kidding aside, glad to hear everyone is ok and the only unfortunate passing is the treehouse. RIP.

  7. Wow. That is insane.

    I'm glad you guys are safe, the grandkids are safe and the baby piglets were born in calmer conditions.

    If we can just get you Midwesterners through the rest of this tornado season all in one piece, it'll be a miracle....(All fingers crossed!)

  8. Quite a wind! I was amazed to hear that they still build houses in Oklahoma without basements.

  9. Whew, glad the storm did not create any major damage at your place. We experienced that same storm about 20 mins before it hit your place in that amount of time it must have doubled in strength - yikes. Glad you are alright and the flying piglets are all doing well.

  10. Glad you and yours are okay!
    Flying piglets?!?
    Wow...we gotta name 'em...Amelia, Lindy, Wrong Way, etc...

  11. That's quite an experience for all of you. It's a good thing you are alert to tell everyone what to do next. Anyway, aside from the damages you listed here, I hope there's nothing more that bothered you. I also wish that the cleaning goes well. *Allen Hoffman @