Sunday, June 30, 2013

Saponification Sunday...Billy Bob Soap

I have a soap customer
His name is Bob.
So I  named the soap he likes most,
Billy Bob Blue Grass Soap

It never comes out exactly the same. But it's close.


Lots of different colors.


All thrown into the mold with a big soup spoon


The colors are some shade or another of blue, purple, green, white and yellow.


But never pink 'cause Bob is just not a pink sorta guy.

But he does like his soap sweet.


A little lavender, a little Geranium Rose, a little Lemongrass, a little grapefruit.


Today, I took Billy Bob outside  for his photo session


Into my secret (shhhhhhhh) garden

Because, although I appreciate  those beautifully photographed  light box soaps


I'm not really that kind of soap maker


I'm messier. My soaps are never bubble free. My beveled edges are not consistently beveled. My soaps are never uniform in size

Or shape

Or color

Or scent

They are a work in progress.


Just like someone else I know

13 oz Coconut Oil
13 Oz Pomace Olive Oil
3 oz Sweet Almond Oil
3 oz Castor Oil

Lye 4.5 oz
Water 10 oz

Colored with Woad, Indigo, Alkanet,
Spirulina and Orange peel powders
Scented with 1/2 oz each of Lavender, Grapefruit,
Lemongrass, Geranium Rose Essential Oils


  1. Lovely soaps. Would be of exactly the same mindset as you if I was making soaps. In fact you inspire me to have a go at making soap at some point in the future when I can find the time!

  2. Dang, that's a lot of castor oil. That sucker doesn't seize up on you immediately?

    Oh hot process, right? That's a different animal.

    PS--Perfection is overrated.

  3. Vera. Just do it. Just start. We never have the time for anything really do we? Just skip washing dishes for a week. Works for me

  4. Jocelyn. Billy Bob here is CP. I do make HP but this one is cold process. Yes the castor oil and the geranium rose EO and the alkanet all make this recipe get thick very fast which is why it's glopped into my mold very quickly with a big spoon. Also the reason I get some air holes in this recipe no matter how much I bang it on the counter. It sure does lather well with the Castor oil!

  5. I don't know how it is, but I swear, I can just smell that Billy Bob soap!

  6. this is the third post i have read about soap making. I love bars of soap and this one sounds lovely.

  7. I like the look of Billy Bob Bluegrass soap. I'm guessing with those air bubbles, it may float a little better? Not that that would mean much to me, as i'm a shower more than bath gal.

    Soapmaking is also on my things of list to try, but i am a bit fearful of lye. If i lived closer, i'd attend one of your classes to overcome that fear.

  8. Billy Bob is a very handsome soap, and I'll bet it smells great, too! I like the photo shoot in the garden.

  9. I keep meaning to say to you Donna, with your Irish connection - do consider entering your blog in the Blog Awards Ireland diaspora category this year and do spread the word :)

  10. The Broad. sure you can. Sure you can.

  11. Marie. Yes it is becoming a popular craft. And I personally think competition is a good thing!

  12. Megan, I'll bet there is a class near you or go to a Farmers Market find some GOOD homemade soap and ask around. Lye isn't bad at all as long as you respect it.

  13. Jenny. Thanks. My photo skills are lacking but slowly improving. I love taking my camera off "auto" and living on the wild side.

  14. Lorna (Irish Farmerette) I just might do that. Thanks again for stopping by!

  15. Yay! another "rogue" soaper!My soaps are oddly shaped as my "high tech" molds are some drawer organizers from the dollar store and some thrifted silicone cake/bread pans.As to colors and swirls/layers, etc.;I've just learned to embrace any outcome; It's all good!I categorize my soaps as "rustic!"
    Been a long time reader of your blog; especially enjoy the snippets of stories from your childhood and what I imagine was an adventurous adolescence. Hope to see a book about these adventures on the shelves one day soon!

  16. I know the feeling. I made my molds from wood rescued from the burn pile of pallets at my dad's shop. :) After all free and cheap are wonderful things right! And perfection is definitely overrated!