Sunday, October 21, 2012

Saponification Sunday...Galway Bay Day

It used to be called "Bluegrass" because of all the blue's I made it with. Then I kind of forgot about it until a customer requested it.

So I dug through my soap recipe box and then old pics on my computer and I found it! To make things even better I had all the Essential oils I used the last time, specifically Lavender, Lemongrass, Bergamot, Amyris,  and Sweet Orange.
I colored it with Spirulina from Bramble Berry  (you might recall I was asked by the company a few weeks to test some of their products. You can read about that HERE) as well as Wheat Grass Powder, Nettle Leaf Powder, Indigo Powder and Titanium Dioxide. The Indigo was blue when I poured it in the mold but by morning had turned a dark deep green.
And so Bluegrass no more and instead I re-christened the soap "Galway Bay"  Galway is the third largest city in the Republic of Ireland, curled up next to Galway Bay on the Rive Corrib. Known for its great music and art such as the world renown Claddaugh Ring,  it's a city that embraces old traditions and newest creative venues for those who make their living in pristine crystal, wondrous stone walls and modern design.
My soap is not nearly as adventurous as Galway but the colors are very close to the waves of Galway Bay that rush past the Aran Islands to eventually wash over the land on the far East cost of the US.
I love the city of Galway
I really like this new soap dish too. Found a few days ago while investigating an estate salvage store in Campaign, I was thrilled to find two of these. I was even more thrilled to score them for only $10 each. They have multiple layers of paint and their petite size is very attractive. Anyone seen this type of soap dish before? Would love to hear what you might know.
PS. The tightly woven, high end dishcloth in my soap photos was created by blog buddy Martha Witcher of  Thistle Rose Weaving.  Her work is amazing, not like that cheap crapola one finds in the mass produced Walmart World. Her weaving is the purest type of art. Any item placed on a piece of her work is instantly transformed into a solid piece of everlasting beauty.
I wonder what she would charge to weave me a dress ? Nothing formal, a simple A-Line would suffice.


  1. Couldn't you just buy a dozen dish-cloths, and sew them all together?

  2. Very pretty soap, Donna! Is it a faux funnel pour? I love the colors, and the essential oil combination sounds fantastic.

  3. Oh dear Cro...where would I be without your geneous (genyus? geenus?) oh crap..brains. Where would I be without your brains?

    Jenny, it was just a globby big spoon sling method. I planned a nice spoon swirl but it all thickened pretty fast so instead threw big amounts in via a large serving spoon. Equal amounts made it in the counter and cabinets. Celine Blacow I will never be :)

  4. Thank you for the shout out about my weaving, I am so glad you like your dish towel. As one Irish girl to another I find it interesting that you make the soap to wash our hands and I make the towels to dry them. How's that for getting business done! Thanks so much for the the shout out, you are a pip!

  5. Lovely soaps, and well photographed. Would love to have a go at making soap, and also weaving, when I have time, but probably not in this lifetime!

  6. I love the pictures and I really like how the indigo coloured your soap. The combination of EOs seems to be very interesting!

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  8. Martha I love promoting well crafted items by hard working people!

    Vera, yes you can. Just take a class make some soap just for you!

    Natalie the EO combo came out very wonderfully sweet but not sickly so. Rather romatically so. If you think camo is romantic it works well.

  9. I like every one of the EO You used in this soap. But I never used it in this combination before. Sounds yummy.

  10. What a gorgeous soap, I love the pretty greens, blacks and whites.