Saturday, October 27, 2012


Sometimes, when no one is looking, I turn off the TV as well as  the computer. I remind the GK's that they have marvelous brains that with a little encouragement will likely bring about ideas for exciting non-electronic play. Oh sure they balk a little but with some sweet encouragement from their loving grandmother "Don't let that door hit you in the $ss on your way out!" They are soon involved with activities that do not require downloading, updowning or sidewinding.

I hope they will one day forgive me my cruel and should be more usual behavior.

Impressionistic Contemplation
Olympic Training

Big Sister Knee (and tree) hugging

Aerodynamic Design

Poultry Reiki

Cat-Habitate for Humanity


  1. This is such a good reminder that there is more to life than the computer I'm on right now reading this great post!

  2. Best toys for children:
    a big pile of dirt,
    assorted digging tools, twigs and bits of string...
    Imagination knows no bounds!

  3. Looks like the best day possible!

  4. I like to add a bit of danger too, but, then, my lot are all boys!

  5. Mary Ann, of course I am one to preach being as this blog is not yet powered by wood heat!

    Dot, ditto.

    Doug. And the dirtiest day. Filthy kids are happy kids. My washer never seems to appreciate all the rocks it recieves from little ones pockets

    Cro, when my sons come to visit (22,24 and 31) thye pull the male GK into the riskier behavior. I try not to look

  6. They will look back on those times with great delight! You're making memories for them!