Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Boot Wellington Please

For the first decade of my new farm life after marrying Keith I wore what he wore. Chore boots from Big R. But they never fit right being made for skinny man legs and all. And after a brief year or so of wear they would leak.

9 years ago while visiting the Dingle Peninsula (Ireland) I wandered into a sport shop and found my first pair of Wellington boots. They were surprisingly well made and inexpensive. I left behind some junky souvenirs, stupid Leprechaun stuff I think, and made room for the boots in my suitcase. I wore them at least 5 years. Bought another pair over there and wore them for 4 years.

I was spending lots more time outside since retiring from nursing, so they didn't last as long as the first pair.

So a few weeks ago when the second pair began to leak I figured I'd make them last until my next trip to Eire but the rains convinced me otherwise. It took awhile to find a real pair of Wellies that fit, I have wide feet and wide calves, how very feminine huh? Finally I found a company in the UK and sent my money.

They arrived yesterday.

They are called "Festival" Wellies because apparently all the cool folk are wearing them at all the fun events overseas. So tell me all my UK and Republic of Ireland Blog followers, are these really being worn over there or have I (once again) been taken for a fool?
The true test of a good chore boot though has nothing to do with its looks (of course it does) and everything to do with its wear factor. So come with me while we take these for a test drive.
First we'll the feed calves.
Next, we need to get some grain to the poultry. No I do not normally hold the bucket for the turkey. But it's not every day I get "Festival" boots either now is it?
Following that we'll check on the feeder pigs. Swine nibble test is always important
when breaking in new chore boots.
We meander north to the horse pasture and ask Ennis her opinion. You wouldn't think tiny brained farm critters would notice something like new boots would you?

Just in front of the horse waterer is an area that gets pretty muddy.
An excellent test for possible leaking

And finally back to the milk house to wash up all the calf bottles and buckets.

I always like to end my chores in there as my boots are good and clean before I take them off and head into the house for the morning first break and our daily farm meeting.

So there you have it. No leaks, very comfy to walk in, fit my wide calves very well and stunning in appearance.  Yes, those are Keiths boots next to mine. He's so serious, isn't he?
The only thing missing now is YOUR opinion of course.


  1. I'm going to post this on my FB page for my Ireland pals & see what they say!

  2. Hi! I'm a friend of carolyn's that visits ireland often. Everyone has wellies but the kind that look more like Keith's. I actually gave a friend there a pair of cool zebra striped wellies. which she never wore. At least in Co. Clare, I don't see any women wearing wellies outside of their barn yards.

    I horseback ride here in the states & all the stable girls have fancy wellies. Like yours. which i think are very cute!


  3. UK 'Festival' wellies are usually so mud-caked that you wouldn't know how they were patterned. Yours look good!

  4. Your new Wellies look great and they are so cute. Glad you were able to get another pair. I have my eyes on some new rain boots as well.


  5. nice boots! I just have a boring pair of black "gum boots". I wear them all the time, only wear lace-up boots in summer when the gummies get too hot. They are so convenient in the rain and cold though!

  6. I'm with you on the wide feet and wide calves. I'm from the UK and have always found European footwear to fit me more than made in USA.

    Wellies were standard holiday buys when I was a kid. Plastic rain mack and wellies.

    It has rained all summer in UK so it's possible that's what they're wearing around the car boot sales etc.

    Lil Bit Brit

  7. Wellies (like everything else) are now a fashion item in the UK. Especially the fancy ones so elegantly modelled above. Believe it or not you can even get them with ribbon bows on the back.

    If they don't hurt and they don't leak then what you have is a result.

    The pigs might pull at the buckles though, they always did with mine..!

  8. Carolyn Well thanks, would love to hear what your FB friends have to say

    Kathy, Co Clare is my area to visit as well and I ususally see only the green Wellies but then again I am usually in the pub when I visit not at so many festivals.

    Cro. Thank you. What do you werar around your homestead...foot wise?

    Michelle. I challenge you to get some really bright ones. Life is for LIVING (and making soap)

    Farmer Liz. I have no patience for lace up boots or talent either. I need pullups like any elderly toddler

    Christy and why is that? More big chics in the US but badly made boots. Just another conspiracy to get us all to pay more postage

    Rusty. Pigs, yes, will eat anything. Not long ago a farmer here in the US died in his field and the olny thing left of him when his pigs were through...were his boots!

  9. Oh John...you best be careful..one day I could just show up at your back door, expecting a big pot of tea...yes I just might.

    Julie, obviously a woman of class yourself.

  10. Totally Awesome! I think I might need to get some of these myself!

  11. Love them! So excellent that you could find them on the internet. :)

  12. OH-oh-OH! I have great big wide calves, wider than your real calves, the mooing kind, I'm betting, and I think it's just wonderful that there are wellies that fit out there in the wide world.

    I must go find some - you should post the link!

  13. I love your boots! I got a pair in 2005 that started leaking this year, the day before a sailing trip. I ended up with a BRIGHT deep pink pair. As my foul weather gear is purple and white (bibs) and bright yellow (coat), the pink fit right in. I saw a striped pair (pink, purple, and white), but they didn't seem as sturdy.

    Yes, please post the link.

  14. Allright you fat calfed gorgeous women...here is the link. I found them on EBAY and the store is located in West Yorkshire, UK If you purchase tell them I sent you. I'm sure that should get me another pair of boots...maybe


  15. Golly gosh, what fab boots. My daughter in the UK bought me a pair which were equally as floral, but in bright yellow, just before we came here. Unfortunately they were never worn because my feet were too wide. The boots looked very perky, though, stood by the front door!

  16. Oh, you and my husband are boot cleaners!!! My husband rinses his off every time he comes in. I leave mine, covered in mud, in the mud room. By the next time i wear them, the mud is dry and just clumps off as I head out to the barn. It drives him crazy!!!! I figure it's fair trade for how he leaves his dirty laundry on top of the hamper instead of in it :)

  17. yes, flowery wellies etc are commonly seen at festivals and the ploughing match, I actually bought a pair once but they didn't last any length! I find that the green wellies (or blue) from the creamery last me about 5 years.
    In fact, floral wellies are so common over here now that no 'real' farmerette wears them now ;) well, I'm half joking but I find they just don't last so have gone back to the more masculine and sensible ones. Too pink and they'd scare the cows!

  18. Gosh, I can't believe you got them sent from the UK! Perhaps I should start selling wellies (for ladies with big calves - as I have the same affliction) online :)

    I really didn't want to hear about the poor farmer who was eaten by his pigs :(

  19. I actually laughed at how you described your husband's boots; serious. :)
    Anyway, you look good with your boots, its got cute flowery design. You wear it anytime in your farm. I can see that you are a happy person.

  20. It took awhile to find a real pair of Wellies that fit, I have wide feet and wide calves, how very feminine huh? Finally I found a company in the UK ... rainbootscalf.blogspot.com