Thursday, October 4, 2012


My father always referred to us as "Pumpkin" when he was in an endearing mood. The name was altered slightly when we caught playing with his artist paints, a forbidden activity. But most of the time, he called us "Pumpkin" with good intentions.

For that reason and many others, Fall in the US is my favorite time of year. One moment sunny and bright with brilliant orange and red leaves dancing off the trees, the next it is rainy and cold with gunmetal grey skies that cause you to question your entire sub-human existence. Fall is very dramatic, very emotional, very unpredictable and of so very...


Thus, what better time is there to bake comfort foods? The GK's and I  plunged into the real thing last week after buying it from a farmer friend selling such at our last Farmers Market of the year. Cut into chunks and plopped in the oven to soften it was soon soft enough to peel and throw into the food processor.

Once pureed we added our own raw milk, & raw eggs plus the spices we like. While it sat soaking up the goodness I taught my GK's how to make crust.

My mother was an excellent crust maker and though she had her hands full most days with all us kids I manged to get in her way long enough to learn the process. The key to good pie crust is COLD. You must use cold shortening (me ma used Crisco, I prefer real lard from our pigs) cold flour, preferable right from the freezer, and ice cold water.

Once mixed, but never over mixed we had fun using the rolling pin. It is my mothers rolling pin which means that piece of wood has been rolling out pie crusts sine the 1950's. Take THAT you germaphobes! Although I give it a quick wipe after each use it is never really "washed" as that seriously could harm the wood. This means each time I use it a nanometer of flour from say Thanksgiving 1976 or Christmas 1962 may have fallen into the dough I am making on that particular day. Yum....

The GK's love using the rolling pin and did a fine job. The way they could focus all their concentration on just the task at hand was so amazing. Just during the time to do this brief post I have gotten up to refill my coffee twice, OK six times, put in a load of laundry, tidy up the kitchen and throw away garbage off my desk of junk.

Soon it was time to pour and bake.

Waiting for it to cool always the hardest part but always so worth the wait. Thank you Knapp Family for growing such a fine pumpkin.

Thank you mom, for teaching me how good times roll.


  1. How fun. I can almost smell it.

  2. I have fond memories of making pumpkin pie with my 90 years young! Great post, thanks Donna! S.G.

  3. You didn't just make made memories.

  4. I laughed over the 'focus'. I'm just the same. Pumpkin pie looks a bit good too...

  5. such serious pie makers. so cute! laughed at the 'irish' description. :)

  6. I learned from my Irish Gee-Gee that you should use cold vodka as a replacement for one tablespoon of the cold water. The vodka bakes out of the crust leaving it flaky - yep it works. Wish I had your rolling pin nice to have family history every time you use it.

  7. I love the shot of the pie in the oven! *drool*

  8. Hey Donna,
    Yes, it's me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star! How are you 'pumpkin'? :)
    Ah, yes, pumpkin pie. My human says that's the stuff of dreams. Just cannot seem to get it just right over here in lil' ol' England.
    Last time he had really good pumpkin pie was during his visit to Canada for their Thanksgiving.
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, Penny xx

  9. My stomach is growling! And ALSO! I think this would make a fine Folk Wisdom piece! You are too much of a writer, Donna!

    And the GK's are cute, to boot!

  10. One word says it all...LARD!

  11. The only time I've eaten Pumpkin Pie was in the USA, and I'm sorry to say that I didn't like it. To me Pumpkin is a savoury vegetable; not to be eaten sweet!

  12. There was once a certain someone in my life who called me 'pumkin'... that brings back some memories! My Mom used Crisco and when I lived in the States and made pie crust I used it, too. But I do believe that lard makes for flakier crust -- I read with interest the comment about using vodka! Your pumpkin pie looks scrumptious -- I do like it -- especially with lots of whipped cream -- but only make it here when celebrating Thanksgiving.

  13. Aww, it's so sweet that the grandkids got to help you make the pumpkin pie. I start thinking about pumpkins as soon as autumn arrives. I look forward to the pumpkin pie I make every Thanksgiving all year long. Yum!

  14. Julie, the smells lasted as long as the pie../about 30 minutes

    Anon. I amke the pies so this yaya's GK's will remember more about me than just my charm and wit (lessness)

    MBJ. Many thanks. How is your little guy? Time to pop in on your blog

    Rusty Duck. Focus is everything. I'd like some for Christmas

    Tex..Thank you

    Martha. Vodka? Hmmm. Looking into that

    Karen, I burned my own face three times looking at it in the oven myself. Along with focus I could use some patience

    Penny. I am so honored you would stop by my blog all the way from over 'dare. Your pawsitive wishes and doggie kissies will keep me going all day!

    Zan. You should know you WRITER you. Now tell me where you get your clothes OK?!?!

    Cathy Thanks much

    Doug. I prefer "fat Lard" thank you very much

    Cro. You are a rebel through and through which is why I will never stop following you

    Broad. Admit it. You and me da had a thing didn't you? Didn't you?!?!?

    Jenny. You are far too talented to have pumpkin pie just once a year

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