Friday, September 14, 2012

Order in the Court...I mean Farm

I don't function well when routine begins to fail. If structure stumbles, so do I, I am indeed one of those goof who cannot sit down to write until my desk is clean, get ready to cook until the dishes are done (or at least hidden in the oven) or add new obligations to the calender until the old in the dumpster.

Last month when we tried to erased the previous month  and started to add September we realized the Erase Board had been erased too many times. We tried to clean it with turpentine, comet, good old Murphy's soap, but nothing worked. We had to cover it with brown paper to record all appointments but that was one big mess. And when our daily calender falls apart it seems so did everything else.

Which is why I haven't blogged in several days, I couldn't seem to find my computer. When I did I ordered the new Erase Board and shortly after, I taped in all the lines. Then old dates got added to new dates and so forth and so on and we are back in business. (Picture below is PRIOR to all the obligations being logged in. I like the calender all clean and clear like that)

At least now I know EXACTLY how far behind I am.


  1. I see the different colors of markers...does each color have a specific purpose or is that another post about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

  2. I've always favoured a Blackboard and Chalk. Yes, I know; I'm just an old fashioned boy!

  3. I went for high tech. This took DAYS to set up too. So my to-do-list is now on my computer, and it also stalks me on my phone.

    When jobs aren't done they go red and transfer automatically to the next day.

    My current 'red' list stands at 23. So am I organised now???!!

    P.S. must go, my batteries are running out..

  4. Still working on the paper variety myself...little squares...squinchy writing...too much to do too little space.

  5. I am so glad that I'm not the only person who cleans before I clean, er I mean work.

  6. I think my dry erase calendar is on it's last legs as well (do calendars have legs??). We color code tasks by person and have all appointments and events on The Brain Board. Even the chore rotation for the children is on there- much to their chagrin.

  7. I love,love,love a new calender, but then I still have an odd love for new pencils,crayons and school supplies.Quite frankly, there is nothing more full of promise than a brand new calendar. Ready to fill with obligations,achievements and other milestones.

  8. I too like to have some organization before I get to work. Sometimes things get too chaotic and I have to just dig in and get it clean. Your new white board looks great.