Friday, September 28, 2012

Dear Inspector...Bye Bye

Three file drawers are ready for yet another annual inspection.
Sir, Yes Sir.

So, we did it. We survived yet one more organic inspection, our fourth to be exact. You would think by now I would not get so worked up about a missing receipt here or a non-recorded mineral input approval there but not so much.

I blame it all on Sister Francis Marie the top mama at the OSF Mother house. She taught all of us nurse mangers back in the 80's that anything less than a perfect survey be it by the State, the Feds or JCAHO, was unacceptable. The stress was beyond words.

And even though it is three decades later (almost) and we're being evaluated on the care of our bovines VS our terminally ill, I still have a difficult time just taking a deep breath and going with the flow.

While Keith working very hard the last two days finishing up the loose ends outside while I loosened up the tight ends, inside, and after three hours of bonding with our MOSA inspector, it was all summed it up with these written words.

"Audit Trail Very Complete" and
"Nice Organic Operation"

What more could a couple of small family organic farmers ask for?


Well, I did ask for this antique patient file rack a few months ago when Keith spotted it in a shop in Arthur, Illinois. You elder nurses and MD's might recall this aluminum beauty used to roll patient charts in and out of rooms as the docs made their daily rounds. The practice took place long before patient confidentiality was popular, when it was normal for everyone and their dog to know who was laid up in the bed next to you with an infected buttock boil.

A bargain at just $25, (the rack, not the boil) it has proven extremely useful here on the farm, holding items like locker activity logs and livestock lists to name a few.

But as far as a successful inspection goes, I give all the Glory to God. I also must award large amounts of praise to my hubby (who puts up with his tightly strung spouse) and as well as to all our customers who support us with their business.'s back to the daily grind.


  1. Never doubted it for a second. But even so, I don't think I would have been so calm either.

    No wonder you look so slim in your header picture...

  2. Organization, thy name is Donna.

  3. I wish I had 1/5th the organization I saw in the pictures.

  4. BRAVO, Donna ... well deserved and well done!

  5. Congrats!! Glad everything went well.

  6. Oh my! When I saw the old chart racks and charts it brought a smile to this old nurse. Before reading the blog I was wondering where did they find that? So cool.Donna

  7. I knew you would come out of the other end with honours. The people that worry the most are always the best, when it comes to the test.

  8. Very nice! That is some excellent praise wrapped up in just a few words.

  9. Sounds to me like being back at school; is that what they intended?

    Well done, we all knew you'd pass with flying colours. Consider yourself Head Girl.