Thursday, July 5, 2012

Secret Garden Update

I'm working on a post about Farmers Markets and use of the Illinois Link Card but the topic gets me worked up and since it won't be ready for a couple days yet. I thought I'd shoot you some updated pics of my Secret Garden for now.

You might recall This Post where I showed you the bare bones of the garden of secrets. The view from the front gate with newly installed brick sidewalk, (Thank you Jay) looked like this

In the last two months I have planted and weeded and watered and my fruited labors have been rewarded.  Although a bigger space would have been nice, with this years drought I am relieved that is takes no time at all to water this space.

The overbearing plant to the right is an out of control asparagus plant my husband has deeply weird attachment to. For years he would forget to harvest it, I would mow it down "accidentally" and he would beg me not to. It would grow, I would threaten to mow it, he would promise to pick it, he'd forget, I'd forget...this year I just gave in and let the fuzzy beast become part of the overall garden design....sigh.

As threatened , er promised, I've made good us of Keith's inventory including this window frame and the metal chicken feeder turned flower box. How many fairies can you find in the picture?  (Keep those politically incorrect comments to yourself) Note the concrete post to the left. All the way from the Goodman Theatre in Chicago, it was a discarded piece of true architectural history when the building was remodeled over a decade ago.

If I told you who gave it to me, the Daley Mafia would be on my farmhouse doorstep so I shall not divulge the source of said gift. Walking further in you'll find my little rock garden to the left

Complete with more metal inventory reminding me to appreciate all that I have in my life instead of whining about what I am missing.

Along the other side of the fence my sunflowers have taken off, giving the garden a bit of privacy, because we all know that weeding, watering and sweating should be done in secret. The last time I weeded in public someone took my pic and made a ton of money off my backside. Never again

To your right you'll see the ever so common Zinnias. Along with the sunflowers, they seem to be the only plants thriving in this heat of late.

Found some very cool Chartreuse Zinnias this year. Love them

Heading back down the path and out of the garden, you can see hoe tall the Sunflowers are getting on the right and the full extent of the asparagus plant gone mad , to the right of the white claw foot tub. It's a great little space and I've started a new habit of having at least one cup of coffee each morning out there all alone.

Just me and that %@*! asparagus plant.


  1. And how about TIME just to sit and appreciate? It looks wonderful, Donna. Congrats!

  2. Love the idea of just sitting with your coffee enjoying some peace and quiet and beauty at the start of the day! I'm going to have to give it a try...

  3. What a wonderful spot you have created with hard work (yours and others). If you sell sooner rather than later then you have a template of sorts in mind to create another in your new home. The perfect place to take a pause and unwind....

  4. That is a truly magical little space, and I fully understand your hubby's affection for the asparagus - let him keep it that way, it gives him inexplicable pleasure!

  5. Your very own little corner of lovely.

  6. What a great little garden getaway :)

  7. You have done really really well, Donna! I am very impressed how well it is thriving considering the hot weather you are having to endure. A wonderful spot to escape to each morning. Excellent!

  8. This is freaking awesome. What a wonderful place to just enjoy.

  9. looks so peaceful congrats on a good job even if you do have that pesty asparagus plant. The only way to get rid of it is did and dig and dig and did I say DIG

  10. Beautiful get=away and i love all the castoff decorations in it. Don't you have mosquitoes in your area? They are vicious here, can't be out long or you'd make a visit to ER for a blood transfusion. We've had high heat for about 8 or 9 days now, only 84 today, a cool off. :) Jan in Wis.....