Sunday, July 22, 2012

Saponification Sunday

So, having fun with my new soap specific Face Book Page!/TheMidlifeFarmwife?bookmark_t=page  I set it up as a prelude to the online soap store I plan to open Oct 15. You know, the store I said a few weeks ago I wouldn't be opening because I was too busy? Yeah that on-line store.

I call this "Stormy Weather" made with Alkanet,
Indigo, Tumeric, Maddor Root powders.
Scented with Amyris, Lavender Essential Oils

I really should keep all thoughts to myself. Of course if I were THAT kind of person I wouldn't have a blog in the first place now would I? It's just that I seem unable to stop...making soap that is. I get such a hoot out of creating it and then selling it. So I thought I'd do the online thing but take lots of time planning it. Part of that plan would be to generate interest via FB so that by the time I was set up for folks to actually buy thru a shopping cart set up they would be ready to so. But funny thing happened on the way to best laid plans...folks started asking to buy the soap NOW.

And this one I call "Stormy Weather in a pile"

Filled four orders this week just off the Facebook page, an amazing piece of free advertising I must say. So these next few weeks I'll be cranking out the soap big time. And yes you can buy either of the two soaps on this post for just $4 each plus shipping. Email me at . But I only have four of each left. The darn Face Book fans hogged the rest of these two batches.

"Irish Seas" made with Spirulina, Wheat Grass
powders and French Green Clay

Fortunately I have tons of extra time on my hands since the drought has made it unnecessary to mow the lawn. So soap making is on the schedule for any free moment the rest of this summer. You know what they say...when God closes one door he open up someones big mouth who then shoots it off bragging about an on-line soap store.

Wonder if it's too late to change my name on my new soap business cards to "Midlife Farmeejit" ?


  1. 'Irish Seas' gets my vote as one of your most attractive (excluding Crobar, of course).

  2. "Stormy Weather in a Pile" is a nice name. Good for you on selling out of soaps. All those clean people! Doing your bit to beautify the world, one person at a time, I see. :)

  3. Sounds like the FB Page is generating a lot of interest - congrats! Love both "Stormy Weather" and "Irish Seas."

  4. Irish Sea is pretty.

  5. Donna, Have you considered the "payvment" app for facebook? I set up a facebook store in a flash....then folks don't have to "leave" Facebook to buy! plus -it's FREE! (I love free) I'm sure you can put it together, but if you have questions just msg me on Facebook (Heirloom Soapworks)

  6. "Irish Sea" is just beautiful!

  7. Love the look of the Irish Seas soap. I am soooo excited about your new soap sales! I absolutely LOVED the soaps I got from you previously and can't wait to get more!

  8. They both look fabulous, but I really love how the Irish Seas soap looks, it's just gorgeous!

  9. I love the Irish soap. I've been following your blog for several months now and was wonderingif you could answer a question for me. I CANNOT find pastured lard for sale anywhere. Is it just me or is there some kind of law against selling it? I live in Alaska so there are no local sources unless you buy the whole hog. Any ideas on this? Thanks

  10. You've inspired me to try soapmaking for the first time - your Irish Seas soap is gorgeous.

    I've been following you for awhile and wanted to let you know that I've nominated your blog for the One Lovely Blog and the Very Inspiring Blogger Awards! You can see my post about it over at I hope you'll accept!

  11. Cro, of the ten bars I will be making to have on hand for sale at all times..CroBar will be the star of my men focused soap. It always sells out. You would be amazed at how many customers know the blog history behind that bar of soap:)

    Jocelyn, yup, one clean chic thats me

    Jenny, thanks. FB has been great for farm product sales (South Pork Ranch) so I believe it will help with soap too

    MBJ Thank you. It's better in person. The sea and the soap.

    Soap Sister, I have thought of it but thats as far as I got, Now I will investigate the possibility. Checking out your pages now!

    Misc. Thanks much. The greens were so fun to work with. Another soap that was suppossed to be layed but ended up swirled due to my impatience.

    Kim, thank you. I always love to know hoe people like my soaps after USING them. What's inside is really more important than the outside

    Anne Marie, I am such a fan of your videos and your CHEERFUL ways. I have so much fun challenging myself with plants/clays for colors. They can be muddy sometimes you know.

    Helen, there is no law against selling it but because 100% pastured beef is rare (only 1% of the beef produced in the US is grass fed completely) thus the reason less lard available. Also because they are grassfed each animal has less fat on their carcass. Your best bet is to find a local grass fed only farmer and buy the fat from him to make your own lard. Not a hard process but a little time consuming. Do you live close to us in Chatsworth Illinois? email me at if you do.

  12. Cranky Puppy, many thanks for the award. I left a note for you on your blog

  13. And oh yeah, I do know lard is from pigs and tallow is from beef.But I get so excited just talking to you people I get all twisted around ! (Special thanks to my editor Keith)