Sunday, July 15, 2012

Saponification Sunday. Moving forward

I am a non-expert in the world of soap making but I am less of an amateur every day. With 20 months of experience behind me you could say I'm an advanced amateur.

I know much I don't know.

For example, I know the basics of cold process and hot process soaps. I know how to use lye safely, and how to jump out of the way when I am careless. I know how to measure and calculate base oils. I know the basic properties of those same oils, which will give me a hard soap and which will produce a softer soap and which can be substituted in popcorn making when I am out of coconut oil. Hint: it is NOT Castor Oil. No no never.

I know the basics of aromatherapy in regards to mixing the high, low and middle notes of essential oils needed to make my soaps smell wonderful. I also know what to do with those soaps whose high. low and middle notes, clash. They go to the husband who could care less because beside, anything smells better than his clothes after doing pig/cow chores on another 100 degree day.

I am learning all the legal  requirements in regards to soap labeling and marketing. But, apparently...I do not know how to turn OFF a crock pot.

Well Controlled Hot Process Soap . Alkanet powder for color

The translucent mashed potato look of hot process soap
that is ready to be molded.

What a mess.  I thought I had turned the crocked pot to "off" but instead I turned it to "high".  Soap had bubbled over the top, all over the crock pot, counter and onto the floor!! The cool thing about soap though, it takes well to re-batching and as long as your basic calculations are correct, one can scrape bubbled over soap right back into the crock pot and create something beautiful from something that was just minutes ago, quite ugly. And your floor gets really clean when you wipe up.

It is this very forgiving nature of soap that has propelled me forward. I have decided to sell my soaps online in larger quantity. Not through Etsy but instead just a small web site with PayPal abilities. My "Grand Opening" is scheduled for Oct. 15th which will give me three months to make a large amount of soap to have ready for sale and begin to promote my wares.

My SOAP wares thank you very much.

I started with completing the paperwork today to have my name The Midlife Farmwife officially trademarked in Illinois and I have ordered my business cards. I thought about just adding the soap making info  to our current farm business card but decided it would be too cluttered that way.

I also started a new Facebook Page which will focus just on my soaps. Perhaps that might help me focus as well? Not likely but worth a try. Would appreciate if you could "like" me.  And if you can't like me at least respect me.!/TheMidlifeFarmwife?bookmark_t=page


  1. Yeah Donna! Congrats on the business venture (adventure)!

  2. Congrats! I've been following your blog for a couple of months now, quite enamored with your farm life (and the soap process).

    There is a farm in my future, and today I made my first batch of goat's milk soap.

    I don't know how either of these adventures in my life will turn out, but in the meantime, I have inspiration in the blog world to keep me amused...

    ...along with something to strive for. We all need goals, right?

  3. Mary, thank you. I think. I need to stop something, one day

    Ravenous, thanks for following. You do know our farm is for sale don't you? Hint hint HINT!!

  4. How can one NOT like you on FB?!

    Going over there now to inflate your ego :)

  5. Congratulations to you! Best of luck!

  6. Congrats on the new website, and best of luck with your grand opening! I officially like your FB Page, too. :)

  7. Carolyn
    Still, I appreciate it muchly.

    Thinking of you guys often. Thanks

    Now I just need to bump up my photography skills, watch me stalk you!

    Selling soap here and there has been fun but as the demand grows so must my organizational skills. Thus the move towards a real on-line store. Now there is LOTS of soap to be made!

  8. Love your soaps, esp. the sage one.

    I cannot image the mess you had!

  9. Susan

    Thanks much. I prefer my herbal type sopas too but then there are those that are all about the flowery smells. Go figure :)

  10. This is a wonderful step for you, Donna! I liked you already. :) Best wishes on your new online shop!

  11. Congrats on the growing adventures. Today Facebook tomorrow Forbes Fortune 500 List , Wall Street Take Care Love reading the adventures.


  12. Congrats Donna. I'm following a similar path myself but am too scared to set a 'Grand Opening' date 'cause I'm worried I won't meet it! I guess it'll be a 'Here I am!' scenario! Wishing you all the best for your online business. Am definitely keeping tabs on you through FB! Kind regards, Pauline

  13. Good luck for Your new business! And always enough creative ideas for wonderful soap (and a crockpot who turns off automatically)

  14. Amy, you are one of my favorite soap "Muse" Yoiur site so easy to navigate and your fantastic. Thnaks for motivating me

    Stacy. No, no Forbes but I would love to be focused in Country Living :)

    Savon Muse, oh how I love your name! Yes gaol setting, it will be the end of me!

    Misc. Yes, why can't a crockpot turn off when soap is done? Did we not send a man to the moon???

  15. Donna, I am looking forward to your new adventure!