Monday, March 19, 2012

The Turkey Without a Country

He was a gift.

The kind that should be immediately returned but you lose the receipt and weeks go by and you decide it's just easier to keep it. At first he was sweet and tiny and cute and because he was cared for by humans alone he imprinted all over us. Then winter ended and he was set loose out of the chicken pen.

Yes, we raised him with a bunch of baby chickens and a few orphan pea chicks and its no wonder he has serious identification issues. Although he's known me many months, when he saw me last week it was like his first time. I was immediately saluted.

It was on from that moment. He follows me all over the yard with his constant feather rattling and red neck giblets dangling.

If I go to the barn he goes to the barn. If I go to the house, he goes to the house. Pushing kids on the tire swing? Surre he's right there. Just about gets himself beheaded as he struts back and forth in front of the swinging Goodyear.Not all that different from my HS years. Many a turkey was attracted to me back then as well.

But, he wasn't  the only one in a good mood this week. Just check out the dueling peacocks.

Who would keep at it all day if they could.

Really, the colored guy isn't as impressive as you think. He had a lot of help from a strong southerly wind. Overall, I have to vote for the ghostly fellow.

And then Keith comes along and Mr Birdbrain Turkey suddenly abandons me for something in long pants. Most fickle pair of drumsticks I have ever known.


  1. Boys will be boys!

    I think Mr. Turkey needs a girlfriend and then maybe you can have little turkeys! :)

  2. Mr. Turkey just doesn't want to appear too eager...he's a player that needs a layer!

  3. We used to have a pair of peacocks. They were messy, and slept up in a large tree. That white one is beautiful. I've only seen them once; at Kew Gardens in London.

  4. Across the pond, it is nice to see that turkey life, indeed life in general is not much different to life here

  5. Oh snap! Dumped by a turkey.

    I wouldn't take it too personally. I have a gander who's in love with me right now, but he'll leave me in a flat second for a goose swimming with that "come hither" swim in the pond.

    Men can be so fickle in Spring.

  6. At first I thought that white peacock was a bush. He is beautiful! Oh and every time I open your blog I can not believe how much the waving guy in your header looks like Michael Landon. That or I have been watching too many Bonanza reruns.

  7. Sherman, our walk in rooster, has given up following me and even Chicory, the goat, has been demoted. He's now decided on birds of a feather should stick together and is twitterpated with the same hen he couldn't give the time of day to just a week ago. It must indeed be spring. It's early this year.