Thursday, March 15, 2012

I need a few annuals please...

To fill up this monstrosity

See it?  Just in front of the silver car? To the right of the garage ? No? What are you? Middle-aged or something? Wait. I'll get closer.

Is that better?  So what is it ? An Art Deco bus stop? Well, I think it must be a planter of some sort. I'm not sure. I made a delivery to Green Grocer today in Chicago and then decided to go for a nice walk around the neighborhood, and there it was. So, I had to get even closer to see those hangy things, hanging down...

Oh, lights. They're lights. Sort of War of the Worlds looking huh? Yeah me too. Made of metal and colored glass. And check out the scrolling metal vine work. Sooo cool

The body itself was metal squares all beautifully aged into a fantastic patina. But how was I going to get this thing home to my new garden, the one I am making out of recycled materials. Yes, I am aware that stealing in not technically the same as recycling but maybe I could make the owners a deal.

I own a bunch of pigs you know, and a genuine miniature donkey, and a turkey who stalks me day and night that I would REALLY like to get rid of. 

So I went up to the gate.

Hmmmm, now that I look at it, this thing reminds me of...of...YEAH ! The gate at Graceland. I don't do country (yes, that's what I said I don't do country, I do Bad Company, Supertramp and lately some fine Adele but not country, OK I do folk but thats not the same. Folk artists don't whine.) Yup, all this gate needed was a couple of huge musical notes. So back to finding the owner of the big planter device.

Problem was, I couldn't find a doorbell or even a man made knocker. I mean a door of this size should have pretty big knocker shouldn't it? (That will be enough out of you Frau Blucker) I looked from this angle...

And I looked close up.

No knocker, so I guess the mystery vase stays in Chicago , on Ohio street in the West Town neighborhood. Sure would love to know the history of this piece. Anyone ? Anyone?

In the meantime I just ask around the neighborhood. There was more than one fine entryway in this neighborhood.


  1. (Horses Whinny in the background)

    Put....the candle....back!

    Going to have to watch that this weekend now!

  2. Wow that planter, bus stop whatever it is certainly is cool looking and I love the big gate. It looks like something out of a movie.


  3. That's where Little Orphan Annie lives; I'd recognise it anywhere!

  4. That planter is freaky. I wonder what it looks like when there are plants in it. I think the lights are supposed to be leaves. The gate is interesting. It seems they don't want company.

    I like folk music too, but Adele is a howler, not a singer. Can't stand her. JMHO.

  5. Interesting area. Personally I like the last door way better. It looks more likely to be homey and inviting inside.

  6. Who is Adele, I haven't a clue? Now, if you want to talk about Irish folk music, I am your girl or even operatic tenors...but popular music...not so much.

    Chicago does have some fantastic homes and it seems you found some very interesting ones to say the least.

    Frau B....ha! I love that movie almost as much as Christmas Story - both movies are heavily quoted around this house.

  7. Carolyn...The candle...going made me laugh too

    Michelle, the gate FELT so cool too with the copper all rubbed smooth by time and weather. I'm lucky I wasn't arrested for gate molestation!

    Cro. I knew you would know. You know everything. Thank you

    Jocelyn, you say Adele is a howler ?!?!? How dare you ! A schreeker maybe, howler, never.

    MBJ, you and me both.

    Martha, it's funny isn't it ? Some of us in this age range do rock, some country, some folk, some even do the howling Adele but we can at least agree that Young Frank was hysterical

  8. So glad I am not the only person over *cough*....*ahem* 35ish... that does not listen to whiney country music!