Sunday, March 11, 2012

Saponification Sunday

I am home. Wasn't gone long. Didn't go far but home feels good. And speaking about things that feel BAD !

Hotel soap is bad. Of course staying at the Ramada for 50 clams, one is lucky to get any soap but still...I remember the old days when I would be either attending nursing conferences or in my heyday, speaking at nursing conferences (cancer pain control) I was very thrilled to be put up in a hotel.

Rose Soap in Mold

I come from family that slept in the back seat of the wood sided station wagon on road trips, there was no fancy dancy motel, let alone a HOTEL. Nope, the folks took turns driving and we kids took turns fighting over who got to sleep on the back seat VS the floor of the back seat. So, I was well into my 30's before I learned about the word concierge.

And when I got to those fine hotels I am just a tad embarrassed to tell you, I stuffed all the hotel soap and shampoo and conditioner in my paper bag, I mean Samsonite, that I could fit. No, I never took towels...that would be stealing.

Rose Soap sitting in Rescued Miter Box

Yesterday was the first time I DID NOT want to take home any soaps. I did not even want to use them and was kicking myself all over the place singing "we will we will rock you", never mind, I was just upset for not remembering to bring along some of my own soap.

My skin has been paying for it all day. Dry and tight, not the extra firming wasn't a little welcome, but when my eyes starting bulging out and running into my bangs, I knew the soap had tightened my skin over the limit. So as soon as I got home I threw some of my homemade soap into the travel kits I keep stocked at all times. Because you never know when Aer Lingus is going to call and say "You just won a free trip to Galway leaving tonight ! Grab your Bags," that's why.

Rose Soap Tower

This weeks soap was a special order from my sister Peg who asked for "something in a rose please." So I colored with a tiny bit of pink french clay and scented with geranium rose EO. I left it in the frig for 3 days and then cut it on day 8. Not because that was the plan mind you, I just got distracted with farm frolics. It cut great. Smells like a spring garden and I believe the seester will approve. My first shabby chic soap.

Random Rooster painted during
my rooster period
I also mailed soap to several followers this week who had helped me name my beer soap from last week. It is a blast to go into the Chatsworth post and mail off packages to France, Spain, California, Canada and the best one of all METAMORA ! I feel so wordly. Imagine how I would feel if I actually visited those places?

I'd feel broke.

Rose Soap On Bottom Of Miter Box.

Now, all my antique blog friends out there, listen up.  What is your opinion on my new soap cutter? I found this wooden miter box at a resale shop in El Paso, Illinois. The original price was $2 but they were having a clearance sale that day so I paid only TEN CENTS ! Tell me your opinion.

Rose Soap that needs a more creative
name than Rose Soap but no, not via
a contest as you people
are sucking me dry of soap.

 How old? Any value? Shall I keep cutting soap or give it to my son to list it on his EBAY store.? You know your opinions mean the world to me, unless of course you disagree with me.

Miter Box Side. Rose Soap MIA. And how
exactly does a rabbet cut wood anyway?


  1. Glad your back Donna another great looking soap.

  2. Keep it. 10 cents...Bargain! What do you use to cut the soap; an ordinary knife? This one looks very sexy.

  3. Well according to what I found on ebay you got a real deal on the miter box. There is one on there for $7.
    The Belknap Hardware and Mfg. Co. was founded in 1840 in Louisville, Kentucky (pronounced “Lou-a-vull) by William Burke Belknap. W. B. Belknap was born May 17, 1811 in Brimfield, Massachusetts. In 1993 there was movie made entitled “Demolition Man”, starring Wesley Snipes and Sylvester Stallone. The movie company came to Louisville, Kentucky to implode a building for the movie. Many believe they blew up all of the Belknap buildings, but that is not true. What they blew up was only one or two large warehouse buildings. Some of the other warehouse buildings were torn down and turned into parking lots and other business buildings were built where Belknap warehouses once stood.

    The Main Office and Showrooms Building is still there. It is a tall multi story building facing Main St., the rear of the building faces the Ohio River.

    Just thought you might want to know. :^)

  4. Oh, Rose Soap is beautiful Donna! So pretty and creamy and I love the top. Rose geranium is one of my favourite scents so I know just how good it must smell <3

  5. I'd say keep it and cut soap with's not like you're going to hurt it. You can investigate selling it when you are done using it.

  6. Beautiful rose soap, Donna! It looks so creamy, and I'll bet it smells great. I like your rooster painting, too. I know what you mean about hotel "soap." I always take some of my own soap with me on the road, and I would be very sad if I forgot to bring it, too!

  7. Farmerstac, Many thanks

    Cro, I cut it with a long thin bread knife but I am after my husband to make me a cutter made from guitar wire. That would give me an even smoother surface. My business is way too small to justify the expense of professional soap equipment so we have fun using stuff around the house.

    Dot, WOW, you had all that info just floating around in your head huh? very impressive.

    Topcat, I too love Geranium Rose but so often the smell is too strong. This one came out just right because I was so stingy with the EO. I got lucky

    MBJ, exactly what I plan to do ! With luck I;ll get 15 cents for it.

    Jenny, THANK YOU. The rooster was painted on an outside feed building door about 6 years ago. It fades a little each year, just like me.

  8. Love the Rose Soap!

    If the miter box makes you smile {{and for 10 cents it should make you smile extra big}}, keep it. No matter what you get for it on E-bay it doesn't pay for smiles:)))

  9. Donna, your soaps are getting classier by the batch. This last one looks so beautiful in its piglet pink (...I feel a name coming on..Piggy Rose..Rosy Pig...South Pork Rose)

  10. My soap came! It is lovely! Pretty sure I had the best smelling mail box in all of Metamora!

    Thank you so much for your generous addition of some extras - love it.

    Rose soap, hmmmmm what is your son's ebay store name? I need some of your rose soap. STAT

  11. Keep the mitre box! Even if you don't end up using it to cut soap it has a great look. And if you ever want to sell it for 2 cents, let me know :P

    Kinky Witch Soap

  12. Absolutely keep the mitre box!! 10 cents? A bargain ten times over.

    Your soap sounds wonderful.

  13. Where do I go to order your soap? Sounds so gooood.

  14. Mitre box? For cutting soap into 45 degree angles? In exchange for an opium pipe? Errr....

  15. Crazy, the box does make me smile. It is so well made and solid.I am absolutely keeping it.

    Cocobong. Thank you. It is fun to see improvement, another 10 years and I will have nailed this soapmaking thing, I think.! And "South Pork Rose" is a great name. In fact I think I shall make it my stage name.

    Thistle, so glad you liked it! I sent you an email about how to get a rose soap.

    Kinky. Sorry, the mitre box price just went up to 4 cents. Inflation you know

    Susan. Many thanks. Just email me at and I'll sen dyou info about my soap. Just $4 a bar plus shipping

    Tom ? Really ? Is that truly you? I cannot beleive you took time away from your opium pipe to chat with this farmgirl. I am beyond honored.

  16. It is simply beautiful, Donna.

  17. I love rose soap and used to order some from a soapmaker in my last location. She has now opened a store and will make the rose scented soap if asked, but i must by the entire log of it, which takes a while to use up.