Saturday, March 10, 2012

Not the Bahamas but Close

Don't even know why I wrote that. I hate the Bahamas. well, if I was to go there I'd hate it. Give me Oughterard, County Clare anytime, I was just making a reference to a vacation spot, because I am, on vacation, but not anywhere near sand.

Instead I am locked inside a modest hotel (when you want a room for only $50 you get 'modest") in the deep south. Yes, jealous ones, I am in Springfield Illinois. Lucky enough, due to the generosity of one farmer husband who is doing ALL the chores, I attended the second annual mtg of The Central Illinois Sustainable Farmers Network.

The meeting was good, the company was lovely, the networking opportunities were abundant but that's not the reason I came.

I came to be alone. I'm still working on a book, I needed time to clear my bogfuddled head and I've had this driving desire to make some of those really cute fabric flowers. Have you seen them ? Not wanting to pay $13.99 for one, I packed my suitcase with glue gun and pin backs, stopped at a thrift store for a .99 cent dress to use  for the petal flowers and made a fabric flower. In between chapters on my book.

The writing went well. The fabric flower was hideous.

No, I do not have pictures. Were you not listening? I'm on vacation.


  1. Rule No 1. When on holiday; take camera!

  2. Your adoring fans want to see the hideous fabric flower. You do everything so well we are not going to be able to believe it until we see it. In the meantime, enjoy your time away from the farm.

  3. I know Springfield! Only 30 minutes away from Jacksonville. Getting homesick for my home state just thinking about it...

  4. ...and my hometown area is about 30 minutes away from Jacksonville!

  5. Have fun! And don't be too hard on yourself about the fabric flowers ;)

  6. I hate to be pedantic but Oughterard is in Co. Galway! Just a point of geographical accuracy - as a writer you'll appreciate I'm just being helpful. The only other Springfields I know are a townland near Cappoquin in Co. Waterford and the nuclear powered one in The Simpsons! Must follow this blog - you might reciprocate!