Sunday, February 12, 2012

Saponification Sunday

Playing arund with the greys this week, maybe because we have had so little sun this winter in our area. Made several more batches of soap this week due to increased orders, (nope, no ETSY, no web store, just word of mouth) and the fact that soaping is very relaxing and comforting for me.

Have I told you a friend of mine is getting a whole SOAP ROOM built for her ? Did I tell you I was jealous? Well she is and I am but good soaping rooms come to those who wait...and wait...and wait.
My soap area is my kitchen for all the melting, mixing and pouring while the dining room is for bar curing, labeling, packaging and storage of all supplies. It's not perfect but it is very adequate and the two rooms now smell good all the time.

This weeks featured bar is my first attempt at coloring with charcoal, other than the usual line technique to separate layers. I used just 1/2 teaspoon of charcoal powder mixed with a little almond oil.

After mixing my soap of 25% Babassu, 25% Coconut, 25% Olive Oil, 15% Sweet Almond Oil and 10% of Castor Oil, I scented with Star Anise EO only. adding a 1/2 teaspoon of Titanium Dioxide for whiteness. Then I separated them into two equal portions adding the charcoal mix into one.

The Little Crystal Biscuit Jar?
Crafted by Genius Sean Daley of Dingle Crystal
With an  in the pot swirl and some more swirling with the handle of a spoon after it was in my mold I let it sit in the Frig for 24 hrs, room temp for 24 hours in the mold then cut into 7 bars weighing about 5.0 oz each.

I took 312 pics of this soap and the ones in this post are the only ones 1/2 way decent. So give me your recommendations for a new camera. I have a birthday coming up in May.


  1. To me the best looking soaps yet. Like cultured marble. Do I see David in the future?

  2. What a perfect grey colour! I love your swirls and I have no idea about a camera - I just use my Samsung Galaxy SII phone camera :)

    I recently made a star anise scented soap and I think I went waaaaay to high with a 3% scent Can you say 'tingly'? ;)

  3. I like it! Great swirls!

    I have a Nikon Coolpix L120~ a great priced camera from Walmart that has enough options to take nice pictures without having to figure out too many buttons:))

  4. This one would make a great kitchen work top. Certainly a very nice looking soap.

  5. Really good post!!

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  6. Is this your first attempt at an in-the-pot swirl? (Or maybe just the first I've remember/seen.) In any case, very well done and definitely better than my first time.

    Oh how I'd love my own soap room, but waiting I must do. I currently have the same kitchen/dining room setup as you.

    As for cameras, I usually take my photos with the camera on my iPhone than my actual camera (Nikon CoolpixS8200). The pictures are easier to take with the touch-to-focus thing it does and the other camera doesn't seem to like the lighting I prefer.

  7. Doug, I don't know about David but maybe Gumby next.

    Tanya...I got your soaps today YEAH !! You generaosity overwhelmed me. Really, I just fainted away in the post office. And that little marble cool. Oh I how I love it. MANY thanks!

    Crazy and Briny, both of you like the Cool pix huh? But then again Briny and Topcat like their phone cameras too. I need a tie breaker.

    Jim, are you not making enough money on your own website selling face creams with tones of additives that you need to drop your website onto mine ? I should wash your mouth out with soap

    Briny, it is my second attempt. My first "in the pot" swirl was more like a "all over the counter" swirl. Bit thanks for the kind words. I am learning from all YOU guys.

  8. Soap arrived today- thank you so much!!

  9. Okay, love the gray! But I ordered Roses? HELLO! LOL just kidding, Can I have a bar of the gray too?? :)

  10. Yay! So glad they arrived so quickly and I just HAD to send you one of my favourite beads from my collection :)

    (btw ~ Jim's comment is spam and imho you should just delete it).

  11. Thanks for commenting on my blog :) Your new soap looks lovely and the recipe sounds wonderful. Did you find it was a hard enough bar with 25% coconut in it? I have a few different palm free recipes that I rotate between.


  12. I hoped over from the blog hop. I have enjoyed your posts enough to want to follow and enjoy your farm as well. Thank you for sharing!

  13. I thought you all may be interested also that I am having a give away on my blog!