Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Jardin indésirable"

Yes, that's me speaking (typing) in French. What does it mean ? Well it means Junk Garden of course and that is my newest nuttiest goal for this spring. Like I said, until the farm is sold we are just going to act as if we are going to be here here forever. And since I have been dreaming of a very special garden for..forever..It's time to get crackin' with the junk, I mean "inventory."

But first...Welcome back to FARMHOUSE FRIDAYS  Just click here to join the fun  Yes, I'm aware this post was put up yesterday on Thursday but you'll give a hardworking Midlife Farmwife a break won't you?

I really do love rustic, vintage and recycled, but it must be orderly. For years I have had my eye on some of the husbands collections and this year is THE year it will evolve into something gorgeous. The spot I have selected looks like this right now

On the right running parallel with the trees on the left will be a "wall" of very tall densely planted sunflowers with red zinnia planted alongside on the inside. To the left we will build a fence made a 100% of old fencing materials just lying around the farm. On the inside of that wall I will plant climbing vines, annual and perennials. (Suggestions for vining flowers for zone 5b are very welcome)

Another gate/wall combo will run right to left across the bottom of the photo, again made with recycled stuff. The back wall is as yet undecided. Within the now rectangular shaped garden will be pathways made of 100 year old slate roofing tile and bricks also 100 years old from the houses original chimney. A huge collection of small boulders will be relocated inside somewhere for a rock garden. I also have ac law foot tub, metal milk cans and old brass beds. In addition, items like these

will be tastefully arranged throughout the garden as lovely focal points. Yes, these are real items currently decorating our yard. Even the moss on the bricks is authentic. My mother-in-law gave us the coolest metal chair with a unique back..

I have no idea how to utilize it YET, but I will. So there you have it, the big plans for my first formally informal totally recycled and re-purposed garden. If it evolves as I have planned it should look like this at the time of completion.

Unless it ends up like this. One never knows

In the meantime tell me about the cool stuff you've done in your garden (veggie or flower) with recycled items. If you have a blog or know of a blog/website with photos or such please share
the link(s).


  1. Like you, I have a vision of that garden with the cool stuff. It is and probably will stay in my head. But, I bet you could make it happen.

  2. The only advice I've ever really followed is not to have anything WHITE in the garden (including snow). It tends to smother other nearby colours. However, white flowers are OK.

  3. OK -- I have a chair identical to yours. I actually had two ... one bit the dust but will find life again as a shelf.

    Your light fixture is killer. You have the screw top ... I have three shades. I think they would make great bases to plant herbs in.

    Another future plan.

    I ordered 2000 more plugs yesterday .... you will have plenty to plant in your junk garden.


  4. I'm really into ornamental and edible. There are some types of nasturtiums that climb and they have lovely orange and red blossoms with those round leaves. Hyssop is a favorite too since it grows as big as a bush, has lavender colored flower spikes and attracts tons of bees (the good kind) and butterflies. I used the dried leaves as a tarragon substitute this year and it was very nice!

  5. Luffa Gourds for climbing. They will go great with your soap!

  6. I can't wait for your project to start taking shape and for you to share the pictures. Just a couple of words of warning from my experience. Be careful about old wood. It looks good at first when older wood is used, but it doesn't take too long for it to deteriorate to look not so good. If you have larger pieces of rusty machinery, take care on sharp edges and find a variety of colourful climbers to entwine themselves through the metal to provide the beautiful contrasts. Good luck - an exciting prospect to look forward to!

  7. Hi Donna,
    Thanks for dropping in to Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden - fellow Follower of Going Gently :-) The energy in your blogs feels very motivating. And this garden of yours - I'm looking forward to watching it grow.

    PS I've just been eyeing up the potential of an old CD tower to use as a support for climbers.