Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Raw Milk, Cold, Sweet and Well Marketed

Raw Milk: A Popular Commodity
on South Pork Ranch in Chatsworth, Illinois

For the new followers: We have a farm not anywhere near Africa. (I sound just like Meryl Streep don't I?) And on this farm we had some cows...who produce milk.

For years we sold to the man, his name was Foremost. Then he told us we could not sell any of our leftover raw milk to customers who came to our farm. So we told Foremost "See ya!" and we began selling our raw milk ONLY to private customers.The rest goes to our pigs. They like sporting milk mustaches as much as we do.

Illinois law said OK to sell raw milk as long as the consumer comes to the farm.  But there was this tiny law, tiny in that it was hard to find and no one knew of its existence in the offices of the law makers and law shakers, a law that said we could SELL the milk but could not TELL anyone we were selling it.


We starting telling people after spending over 18 years NOT telling people. We were tired of being afraid of our governement and what they might do. A few months ago we started talking about it on this blog, and in magazines, and in newspapers. Lots of newspapers. We not only told folks we had raw milk to sell, we were so brazen as to tell them the price of the milk, which by the way is $5 a gallon.

To date, we are still advertising and still selling the milk we advertise. We are farmers making an honest living selling a great product for a very decent price. Nationawide, organic milk averages $8 a gallon and organic raw milk can rarely be found. It is non-existent in this neck of the woods. Our customer base continues to grow steadily and when we ask how did they find us? They answer "my uncle Rufus's 3rd cousin Ruby's neighbor told me."

It has only been 2 or 3 customers that have mentioned one of the four newspapers we have advertised in these last 6 months. Hmmmmm. Seems like we spent a bunch of money for nothing. Seems like the 'ol word of mouth technique still reigns supreme. So we have decided we don't need to advertise our
in the newspapers anymore. We'll instead allow our most excellent customers to do the work for us and in return for their hard work of spreading the word, we will keep our raw milk at the very reasonable price of just ...you got it...$5.

Thanks everyone. You are the cats meow, the bees knees and the cows moo.


  1. Did I ever mention that 'raw milk' is sold here in French supermarkets in plastic bags. I suppose this is to differentiate it from all other milk.

  2. Cro, How do they pour it out of a plastic bag? I must come and see all these French oddities for myself one day.

  3. So very jealous of your customers!! In Ontario it seems the only way to find out about raw milk sales is through your 3rd cousin's, aunt's boss' daughter, and we have yet to be privy to that information from anyone yet, but not due to lack of trying!! And ALL of our milk comes in bags as well - very odd! Would be hard pressed to bring our own 'container' to a farm to collect milk when we mostly have bags Argh!!!! We're now looking into our own dairy cow because we're desperate!

  4. I lived in PA for a number of years, which is one of the friendlier states for raw milk. I'm sure in part that is due to the Amish, and a growing group of citizens who are asking for wonderful local food, willing to pay for it, and willing to back up what they pay and say with votes.

    I no longer live there, although i saved the link for glass bottles someone passed along to me, as she knew a number of folks who wanted to go to the farm and get their milk. This may be helpful for those looking for suitable containers.


    I'm glad to say that in our new location, i've found a raw milk source. DH can drink either pasteurized or raw milk, but pastuerized milk doesn't like me at all. So far, raw milk works well with my digestion, so the few times i need milk, i go for raw.

  5. Go you! Haha, where I live, raw milk is impossible to find! In that case, it's my uncle Rufus's 3rd cousin Ruby's neighbor's DOG that might tell you where to get it ;)

  6. You rock! Maybe I should start doing the same with my jam here in California...

  7. for years, we bought our mile from a farmer just east of Beaumont, Alberta. Then the 1987 tornado tore the roof off his barn and he decided he'd had enough of farming. We've been slumming ever since with store-bought, all-the-good-cooked-out-of-it, passes-for-milk. Sigh,. Why don't you live closer?!

  8. Here raw milk can only be sold for pet consumption. Luckily, we have lots of neighbors who like their "pets" to have the very best
    Stevie @ ruffledfeathersandspilledmilk.com