Sunday, February 19, 2012

Saponification Sunday AKA Wally cleans up for his big date.

Yes...Soap...hold your bubbles a minute OK?

You might think because of my neglectful ways, that Mad Max is the only Red Wattle Boar to ever grace the farm land we own. Untrue. There is another mighty giant, although not quite as "mightified" as Mad Max because of no fault of his own, he's just younger, who has been making an impression on the gals of the farm.

He is Wally-Man. You might recall that we acquired him last summer in an under- the- table boar swap (I dropped my pen under the table when we were signing registration papers) He is a fine boy, proving his manhood one litter at a time.

News must have spread of his skills as a couple north of us contacted the farm about borrowing the beastly boy for their cute little gilt, a  Gloucestershire Old Spot. Read about them here... She is as we were told, very laid back and easy going and lovely beyond words. If I were a pig...oh lets just not go there..Anyway, the two have not made a documented love connection  as yet but we have the best of hopes. I'll keep you updated.

Now onto things that smell of Rosemary.

I took a nice break from the swirls and the whirls, the embeds and the inbreds and instead made a classically simple cold process soap this week. It was so easy and entirely relaxing. Using Olive, Babasuu, Coconut, Castor and Almond oils, I added just a teaspoon of ground rosemary powder and some of Rosemary's Essential Oil as well.

There is the slightest light green tinge to the soap but it doesn't really show up in photos. The scent is fresh and oh so herby. I wanted to smear it all over a whole chicken and roast it for an hour at 350.

But I did not.

Fortunately one of our milk club ladies gifted me with some fresh Rosemary from her sun porch so I had great props to go with my new soap bars.  I again poured and then plopped...into the frig for 24 hours and then forgot about it, cutting it 5 days later. It cut like butter except that is was harder than butter so I guess you could say it cut like hard butter. Another good formula discovered by accident.

Hey ! Thats it. "The Accidental Soaper", fits me so much better than "Artisan."

Next Sunday ? Be sure and visit as I will focus on a great soap trade made with Tanya Chappelle of Australia . I am waiting for my new camera to arrive so I can give her soaps the credit due them.  Yes, I followed the advice of several blog friends, I bought a Nikon CoolPix.

I have great expectations for this camera.
I am afraid though, I might disappoint him.

I hate first dates.


  1. I love the flavour of Rosemary, especially on Chicken and Lamb; I imagine it would perform the same magic with soap.

    My favourite holiday destination of Formentera (a tiny island near Ibiza) is FULL of Rosemary. The scent in the air is wonderful.

  2. Woman, you constantly make me smile with these post. I too, would probably slather your soap on chicken and bake. Luckily, I am a vegetarian ;)

  3. Your Rosemary soap is beautiful, Donna, and I can imagine how wonderful it must smell. I love herby, green scents.

  4. You now have a soaping tag! 'Donna OShaughnessy - Accidental soaper' ~ I like it, it has a certain savoir fare....

    Rosemary is a perfectly creamy, elegant soap ~ *sigh* ~ I love it! Rosemary is so fresh too. I am glad though that you didn't go near that chicken with it ;)

  5. Maybe the pigs should be renamed Pip and Estella to realize their Great Expectations by no accident.

    As always like the soap.

  6. The Accidental Soaper. I like it! And good luck to Wally. I hope you have given him some advice. First dates can be a bore. (Boar)