Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Three Hog Night

Mad Max (left) and Leopard look to Spot for most of their communication needs
This am was wicked. Keith had to battle near white our conditions at 0600 on the way to the locker with a couple beef heading out to meet their (steak) maker. I tended to a few chores in his absence
such as tracking of wild farm animals in the freshly fallen snow

From left:oveweight farmwife, overweight pet turkey, just right weight Great Pyrenees

and I tried to catch a pic of the above three mooches as they were huddled all cute and sweet (all 1800 pounds of them combined) in their warm and well bedded hogcienda.

But they heard me coming and met me at the fence. Only a real pig would leave a nice clean bed to stand in line for a free handout. "Feed us Seymour" was grunted unnanimously. Please note, they normally have a fine pasture with lots of grass but recent rains and snows have turned everything into mud.

And I mean everything

Just one more reason I no longer wear open-toed heels on the farm
This time of year, the in between late fall and before deep winter time of year, is sometimes more of a pain than when it is mid January. At least then the ground is frozen and easy to walk on. After Keith returned from the locker we packed away another 200 pounds of pork in our little farm store The Spotted Wattle
Cheddar Cheese Bratwurst. Can you think of a better way to bring in the New Year?
We didn't expect many farm store customers this week due to the holidays but we were wrong, and very grateful. The more folks who buy from our store the less time I have to spend out on the streets, you know, carrying that big A-frame sign saying "get your milk fed pork chops right here."

It's a little embarassing.


  1. Poor little piggies....

  2. Thanks for making me laugh! :)

  3. Gee, and here I thought the open toed shoe trend was making a comeback! Happy Holidays!

  4. Gee, and here I thought the open toed shoe trend was making a comeback! Happy Holidays!

  5. Squeel, squelsh, squeel, squelsh. I bet those Bratwurst taste good!

  6. Raw milk fight from Maine- thought you might be interested...

    Thanks for the giggles!

  7. http://bangordailynews.com/2011/12/27/news/hancock/maines-case-against-a-blue-hill-farmer-and-his-cow-gains-national-attention/

    gah- wish I'd thought to add the link BEFORE I posted the comment!

  8. MBJ. Always remember they are very well taken care of all their lives. The mud makes them happy, they prefer it often over their warm and well beeded shelter. Simple creatures. I should be so well satisfied

    Kim. You're welcom

    Zan. I still wear flip flops in the summer. My feet are never clean

    Cro. They are soooo good and sell out so fast. Almost always bought by MEN!

    Sal. Thanks for the link. What eejits fighting with a farmer over the milk he sells from ONE cow. Insanity at its finest.

  9. I liked the shop of the three pigs! Cute!

  10. Providence, we really enjoy our pigs too. The breeding stock all have names and great personalities. Pigs rule

  11. Great picture of the prints in the snow Donna. No sign of snow here in unseasonally mild UK

  12. Rare, of course I take 20 pics and then only show one so please don't think I have any camera talents. I often can SEE what would make a wonderful shot but capturing it is always something else. I do so love the digital camera giving me so many to choose from without the expense of printing.