Friday, December 23, 2011

Aunt Daisy who art in Kewanee

Hello Renegade Farmer Readers and thanks for stopping by my blog on this Farmhouse Friday!

Last week we did it.

We ran away from home and the farm  for 36 outstanding hours. I had been missing my Aunt Daisy and it was time to visit. It had been a year since I had seen her so I was overdue. She's not getting any younger, in fact I think she is well over 100.

Aunt Daisy's fainting couch for the lightheaded
So, I called her and off we went. Less than 3 hrs away it was a nice jaunt into northwestern Illinois.

Located in Kewanee Illinois, Aunt Daisy's Bed and Breakfast is the place to go to relax. With extremely reasonable rates and the best homemade breakfast, not to mention comfortable beds, a killer bathtub, (literally, I almost died in the thing being as it is about 10 foot long and I am 5 foot short)  ) and two hosts who wait on you hand, foot and mouth (they are great conversationalists) it is a fine getaway.

From the moment we arrived until we had to be dragged away kicking and screaming, we felt pampered. The home is warm and cozy, filled with books for reading, videos for watching and candy for noshing.  In every corner are gorgeous collections of times past reminding you of the grandma's house you loved so dearly and spent so much time in, or the one you wished you'd spent more time enjoying but instead you ignored her while  away pursuing your Hollywood Starlet dream or the grandma's house you never had because she sold all her fine collectibles and spent the money cruising the seven seas leaving you without a single good memory. But I regress...Aunt Daisy's is a jewel in this world of hurry up and go and you'll never regret a moment spent there.

 Thank you Michele and Glen!

With every nook and Granny filled with decor in the Victorian
flavor, your eyes are never bored
All the specifics are here.

For years the home served as the Rectory for the Catholic Church and many
 weddings were held there. Seeing the guys and gals in their garb from
decades past was a blast
In addition to a great place to sleep and chill, Kewanee offers numerous antique stores, coffee shops, the famous Goods Furniture and a park lit up like a Christmas tree because it was, you know, it is indeed Christmas.

Wish I could say this was our house. I wish.
On the way home we stopped at Kightlingers Antiques where the insane owners covered the walls and ceiling with Christmas Trees and a few ornaments, 65 THOUSAND ornaments to be exact. Yes, I counted. You know how I feel about less than honest advertising. There were 65,002 !

No, I did not take any pictures. I'm not that bright.

However, if you throw a million or so lights up behind my keister I light up well enough


  1. So nice you had a little Christmas getaway...what a great place.

  2. That's a beautiful picture of you! And the trip with the notes about things of our past actually holding importance...I agree...wholeheartedly. Merry Christmas!


  3. Wow, can I come live with Aunt Daisy! I might avoid the Killer Bathtub, though!

    You look great! Happy Holidays my friend!!

  4. I think I would like to meet your Aunt Daisy! And yes, you do light up very nicely~ one can barely see your triple chin;))))

    Thanks for making me laugh yet again! Have a very Merry Christmas!