Monday, December 19, 2011

Saponification Sunday unless Its Monday

Yes, a few weeks ago I promised a post every Sunday about my soap making ventures. What happened? Well, I forgot.

Anise Soap Dessert Bars
For the after dinner shower
So sue me. How different is Monday from Sunday anyway? By my last was different by ONE measly letter. And besides, the soap I made this week isn't all that great but maybe together, collectively and as a group we can learn something.

Made from Coconut, Babassu and Lard
Colored with Alkanet
Dressed in faux black pearls
Here is what I learned.

I have an addiction to licorice. Not just any licorice but the bestest kind from my childhood, Good and Plenty Licorice. In fact I've been eating so much of it lately my teeth have indeed rotted out the back of my head and I've had to resort to wearing a ski mask 24/7...indoors and out.

Decorated with peelings of other leftover
soap bars, these take on the aura of a Rice Krispy Bar
In order to decrease my oral fixation with Glycyrrhiza glabra I am attempting to satisfy my cravings in an olfactory manner via Anise scented soap. In fact it is working so well as a substitute I have been swearing like the mother of a sailor just to validate washing out my mouth with a bar of it.

Enough about soap. How about that tablecloth? Marked down
from $34.99 to $5.99 at The Gathering Gilman, Illinois.
How could this miserly farmwife resist?


  1. That is some flashy looking soap. I like licorice personal favourite.

  2. I do believe that you would make that ski mask the most beautiful ever worn. Just saying.

    I like anise as well. Not licorice. Just anise. My mother used to flavor cakes for it. This soap is pretty, not sure where the "mess up" came from? The tablecloth looks great too!

  3. You lost me somewhere between the Glycyrrhiza glabra and the Gathering Gilman . . .

    Beautiful soap:))) You have inspired me again! It must be time to make more soap!

  4. That must be your best looking soap so far. May I borrow the top photo for my blog, and do some International Soap Awards?

  5. Mmmmm, I love licorice to. I made a soap with Anise too, but I left it white, I have no imagination.

  6. Thanks for stopping by and leaving the sweet comment ... you brought tears to my eyes this morning:))

    Now I'm gonna go check out CroMagnon's blog and see your award!!! I'm sure he wasn't kidding;)))

  7. Cro, I hope you are not still waiting for my permission to use the photo you wanted. By all means..take it man!

    Sincerely, It is a fine line between imagination and insanity. I should know, I cross it several times each day

    Crazy, You're welcome.

  8. The soap is gorgeous! Unfortunately it always makes me hungry whenever you post photos!

  9. Donna, what pretty soap! I have yet to use my anise to scent some soap. I adore licorice but most other people I know can't stand the smell ~ so I hesitate. I think you have inspired a new year creation for me, thank you!

    Have a wonderful festive season with family and friends xxx

  10. Leigh, thank you. Its a goofy and non traditional soap. I think I will give it to my goofiest freinds. Too bad the list of goofy friends is so long

    Top cat, licorice is like Tea Tree. You either hate it or you love it but since my soap making is not the big profit center on our farm, I can make what I like and put it in my little store for sale. What doesn't sell gets rebatched into laundry soap or dishsoap or shampoo or floor cleaner or cabinet wash or dog cleaner or or or...

  11. Mmmmm. Licorice. When each of our babies were born, my husby always handed out licorice cigars. Black for the boys and red for the girls (it was as close as he could come . . .) I always ate whatever was left over after the first day. I keep a big bag of soft black Australian licorice in my cupboard just because. Now you are telling me that I can bathe in this deliciousness? Life will never be the same again . . .

  12. Diane, I believe I had some of your soft Australian licorice once. It tasted very different from the common stuff I had been eating but I loved it. Now where did I buy that stuff???

  13. if I dont get the chance
    just wanted to know I want you to have a lovely christmas xxx

  14. John, and may yours offer you some rest and healing.

  15. Not to be nit picking too much... but Sunday and Monday are 2 letters dif. :^)