Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like an over blown Christmas

As a child, I loved Christmas. As a teenager, I found it boring. As a young mother, I found it difficult to afford gifts and groceries. As a middle aged woman, I found it exhausting. As a more middle aged woman with grandchildren...I am loving it all over again. Even the over blown commercial symbols of Christmas.

 (Please don't ask me why he doesn't have a red nose. I have no idea where his red nose is. Why am I suddenly responsible for the inflated reindeer's nose? Can someone else be in charge of ensuring the reindeer comes to his photo session in approved drug store attire besides me? Do I not have enough to do this year without having to be responsible for the disobedient reindon't WHO WAS OBVIOUSLY OUT DRINKING THE NIGHT BEFORE AND LEFT HIS NOSE BURIED IN THE SLED OF SOME LOOPY FAKE BLONDIE REINDEERETTE?!?!?!

What sign? Oh, that sign. No, I do not know what the hidden message is behind "Stay fully stocked" nor do I want to.


  1. Oh man your reindeer commentary is priceless! LOL. (I have a son who says, Mom, please don't write LOL unless you are indeed LOLing.) And yes I am, thanks to your post, Donna.

    I'm still waiting to get the Christmas joy back in my life. I'm a grandmother but still find it exhausting.

  2. It's probably an 'Advent Reindeer'. The red nose gets stuck on, on Dec 24.

  3. I agree with Cro. A bit easier on my childhood memories of the stop-motion Rudolf. :) Great post!!!