Thursday, December 16, 2010

What ? Me worried ?

Alfred E. Newman. Man of the hour, never one to worry. Me ? I'm a little worried. Christmas is only two weeks wait, its 10 days away...WHAT ?! it is only 8 days away ? OK, NOW  I'm worried. In the past decade or so I have always been well organized when it came to Christmas. It started with a major surgery scheduled in Dec 1998. I knew I'd be down and out a few weeks so I had all my Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving. I kept that obsession up for over a decade.

This year, not so much. A tree was sacrificed from our yard and a few sorry decorations are scattered in the house but not one single solitary gift has been purchased by me to give to anyone. What can I tell you ? We've been busy hauling hog carcasses , live hogs, live steers, dead steers, meat in packages....meat, our  whole life lately has been meat meat meat. Hmmmmm, I do have some extra hotdogs left in the freezer. Now where did I put those bows ?

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