Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just Playing Around

Soon the New Year will be upon us. I desire something more for my blog. Playing around with my background for starters. The green grass/field thing was too predictable for a "Farmwife" blog. So trying this one on for size. Then will try a couple more until Jan 1. As always comments are welcome as long as they are in complete agreement with my own opinions.


  1. If you like the brown, then I like the brown:)) I really do like the brown! If you google "Cutest Blog on the Block" you'll get 1,002 more looks to choose from. Have fun designing!

  2. The brown compliments the rosy glow of your self pic!!

  3. My Eyes ! My Eyes ! So much blog candy on "Cutest Blog on the Block" Thanks you so very much OUR CRAZY FARM lady. I am going to be up all night playing with designs. Will you come do my chores in the morning ?