Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We do not sell pasteurized or homogenized milk.

Yeah. I think that says it all. Our milk is not homogenized* Our milk is not pasteurized**. Our milk is in its most natural and nutritious state and the picture above is not just a shot of our milking herd. It is also an ingredient list. The ingredient list is as follows...Grass.  Well, to be fair, there is also water in that grass.

So there you have it. We do not sell pasteurized or homogenized milk. If you would like to know what we do sell please call us at 815-635-3414

* Homogenized: Milk with fat particles broken up so that the cream will not rise
* Pasteurized: Milk that is heated to control microorganisms


  1. Wish you were in my neighborhood. I'd love to have some raw milk for cheese.

  2. I wish you were in my neighborhood too Liz. I wish everyone who wanted to buy healthy food lived in our neighborhood :) !!!